What's New

This page gives a short overview of the new main features of every release. For bug-fixes etc. take a look at the release notes in README.
To see what has been new in former releases take a look at What Has Been New page.

Version 3.1.0  -- n e w --3.1.0 

  • Changed git log call to be able to detect unchanged files as well.

  • Added sha1 for git files to review files.

  • QuickRevBoard: Added new option --baseline-time to set a time points which is used as baseline.
    I.e. all file versions which are older or equal to the given time point will be regarded as 'reviewed'.
    This option is available for all version control systems.

  • Added %fileCount% as placeholder for email notification to show the number of review files.
    (fixes #14 Number of files for notification mail)

  • When a Path Mapping is used for ClearCase %filePath% and %fileDir% will be replaced with the mapped path as well for sending email notifications.

  • QuickRevBoard: The old version of the QuickRevBoard (--board-old) is not supported anymore.

  • ... and some fixes!

Version 3.0.1

  • QuickRevBoard: Added possibility to select file versions for a review and create a new project in the QuickRevBoard front end.

    Select Review Version in QuickRevBoard Front End
    Select the versions which should be part of the review.

    Create Review in QuickRevBoard Front End
    Download the created review file with the selected files and versions.

  • Changed assigned reviewers to a required field which will be shown in red now as long as no reviewer is assigned to the review and will let the input validation fail in this case.

  • Information, Conclusion and File References tab will be displayed in red now if there are input fields which are required but do not have a value yet.
    (feature request #3 "Tabs with not filled mandatory fields should be also displayed in red")

    Reviewer Required
    To assign reviewers is required now and incomplete fields will be indicated in the main tab as well.

  • QuickRevBoard: Added check whether the given vcs command exists for better error reporting.

  • ... and some fixes!

Version 3.0.0

  • QuickRev goes GIT - this is the very first version with GIT support!
    (feature request #2 "Git support")

  • Added File Browser (available via the tool bar) to select, show or hide files on the Files tab or file references on the File References tab easily by using either the tree view or list view.

    File Browser

  • Extended 'unique short names' by adding same directories as used for other files already.

    Example: when reviewing /dir1/dir2/File.hpp, /dir1/dir2/File.cpp and /dir1/dir3/File.hpp the former 'unique short names' where dir2/File.hpp, File.cpp and dir3/File.hpp which makes it hard to see here File.cpp depends to, with the extended version this has changed to dir2/File.hpp, dir2/File.cpp and dir3/File.hpp, dir2 already used for File.hpp will be added to all files in the same directory as well.

  • QuickRevBoard: added exit code which indicates the current review history state.
    (feature request #10 "Return value of QuickRev Board")


    Finished with exit code 124
    Unfinished reviews: 3
      (Creation: 0, Review: 2, Correction: 1)
    General exit codes:
      0 = OK
    History state exit codes:
  • Added mouse click action to load the file content of a file with recently changed file versions, i.e. a click on the green screen in Files view loads the content of this file directly.

  • Made tool bar available even in --diff mode.

  • ... and some fixes!

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