What's New

This page gives a short overview of the new main features of every release. For bug-fixes etc. take a look at the release notes in README.
To see what has been new in former releases take a look at What Has Been New page.

Version 2.0.0

  • This is the first version which uses java version 8 (JDK 8), starting with an older version will not work anymore.
  • Increased performance when loading or creating new projects. The file history and content will be loaded separately for each file component without blocking all inputs. So e.g. new files can be added even if loading of other files is not yet finished. Furthermore depending on the review phase file content or history will be loaded first, so e.g. during a verification the file content will be loaded first so the verification can be started even if the file history has not been loaded yet.
  • The File References tab has a new menu History State which allows to show the history state of each file as additional icon on the History button either by selecting the sub menu Show History States or Show History States, Reload File History If Necessary.
  • History State Menu

  • Via menu History State / Change Baseline Settings... at the File References tab a baseline can be set for each version control system. This baseline will be considered when determining the review state of a file, i.e. all versions of a file up to (including) the baseline version will be regarded as 'reviewed'.
  • Change Baseline Settings Menu

  • Added check whether the loaded project file has changed by another program during saving to avoid overwriting an updated project file. Instead the user will be informed and can cancel the task to perform a reload (hence join) of the updated project.
  • Added --version option to print the current version and build information.
  • Changed error messages when trying to add files which are already part of the project by not displaying one dialog for each file instead one dialog with all affected files will be shown.
  • The scroll width in the code view window is configurable via menu Project / Preferences / General / Scroll Width now.

    Change Scroll Width Preferences

  • Added help text to text fields.
  • QuickRevBoard: Added --baseline option which allows to create the board by considering a baseline, so each file version older or equal to the given baseline will be regarded as 'reviewed'.
  • QuickRevBoard: Added possibility to define multiple user names in QuickRevBoard front-end which is useful e.g. if the reviewer name differs from the subversion user-name. Furthermore the current user will be marked in review history if he/she has 'no-latest' files or has a review task to perform.
  • QuickRevBoard: Changed QuickRevBoard front-end by adding more information to tool tips for file versions and review and on-click action to open the files directly.
  • Updated lombok version to 1.16.4
  • ... and some more fixes!

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