Information describing the review content can be assigned here.

Information tab

Configuration: Different fields for information can be assigned to this page via configuration file. Furthermore every default field, except the Initiator and Reviewers fields can be removed from this site.
For selection of reviewers and initiator a list with user names will be shown which can be configured via configuration file too.

File References

The following image shows the file references tab of QuickRev to specifiy the files to be reviewed.


Three files have been selected for the review-project, where the first is marked as Delta review (changes between revision 2285 and 2296 have to be reviewed). For the second file the whole file with revision 1940 has to be reviewed and the version 17 of the third file. For the third file non-text is selected as content-type, which means that the content of the file cannot be shown in QuickRev.

Configuration: Default extensions for non-text file can be configured via configuration file.

Review file loaded for delta-review

The differences between the two selected revisions for delta review of the first file is shown.

Double Diff Window

Comment Dialog

A comment has been assigned to lines 26 and 27 of the second file.
Different file references can be assigned to the same comment.

File with comment

Configuration: Default values for Severity and State can be configured via configuration file.

Comment with text reference

The content of the third file which was marked as non-text file will not be shown in QuickRev. The comment dialog differs from the normal dialog because no line numbers can be referenced, a text reference can be given instead.

non-text file with comment

Project Conclusion

The conclusion given from the Initiator as well as from the Reviewer can be specified in this tab.

Conclusion tab

Configuration: Different fields for conclusion can be assigned independently to the conclusion page of the Initiator and Reviewer via configuration file. All default fields on the conclusion page can be removed.

Follow Up Review (Verification)

If review comments have been made a new review cycle (FollowUp) has to be started to verify the changes made by the initiator of the review. For the verification a new 'File References' tab appears where the base version is the review version of the previous review cycle and the review version is the version with the worked in comments. For every new review cycle a new conclusion tab will be created for every reviewer and the initiator.
In the status bar you will see, that the new review cycle (Verification) is selected now.

Verification tab

Configuration: The conclusion tabs for the follow up reviews can be configured different from the first review cycle.


The QuickRevBoard can be generted to show task lists and information about the review state of all files by comparing the file versions with the project files.
For more information take a look at QuickRevBoard.

QuickRevBoard - Review History (directory)

QuickRevBoard - Review History (file)

QuickRevBoard - Task List

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