README (QuickRev)

       QuickRev version 3.0.1
       Copyright (C) 2008 - 2016 Tom Seidel

       QuickRev is an open source project which is distributed under the terms
       of the GNU General Public License.
       See the LICENSE section, below, for more details.

       It is hosted at
       For detailed information visit

       QuickRev is a code review tool which supports formal code review processes
       for Subversion, GIT and ClearCase controlled files.
       It implements a Complete Review Cycle, allows reviews between different versions and
       shows the differences between the files. It can be configured easily to be adapted to
       the established review process. Produces readable xml-output to be archived for later
       inspection respectively verification and to be formatted via stylesheets or parsed for
       further evaluation in any intended way.

       QuickRev requires java version 1.8 or higher.

       The Subversion support is tested with SVN version 1.5.x,
       but some users do work with older clients.

       The GIT support is tested with GIT version 1.7.11,
       but maybe an older one will do it too (please let me know).

       The ClearCase support is tested with a ClearCase client version 7.0.x,
       but maybe an older one will do it too (please let me know).

       QuickRev is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
       it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
       the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
       (at your option) any later version.

       QuickRev is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
       but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
       GNU General Public License for more details.

       You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
       along with QuickRev.  If not, see <>.

       QuickRev uses the following third party software.

       - for choosing the date from the date dialog:
           web     :
           license : see jcalendar-LICENSE.txt
           libs    : jcalendar-1.3.3.jar

       - for sending email notifications:
           JavaMail 1.4.2
           web     :
           license : see javamail-LICENSE.txt
           libs    : mailapi.jar, smtp.jar

       - for displaying the help:
           JavaHelp 2.0
           web     :
           license : see jh-LICENSE.html
           libs    : jh.jar

       - to store the review history:
           H2 1.3.176
           web     :
           license : see h2-LICENSE.txt
           libs    : h2-1.3.176.jar

       - to get rid of java's boilerplate code:
           Lombok 1.16.4
           web     :
           license : see lombok-LICENSE.txt
           libs    : lombok.jar

       - for the QuickRevBoard's front-end:
           jQuery EasyUI 1.4.3
           web     :
           license : see jquery-easyui-LICENSE.txt

       - and:
           D3 3.4.11
           web     :
           license : see d3-LICENSE.txt

       - and:
           jQuery 1.11.1
           web     :
           license : MIT license

       java -jar QuickRev.jar [OPTIONS]

           Shows this help.

           Shows the current version.

           Creates / updates the QuickRev-History.
           Use 'QuickRev.jar --history --help' to show all options.

           Creates the QuickRevBoard which shows open tasks and the review history of all files.
           Use 'QuickRev.jar --board --help' to show all options.

           Creates the old version of the QuickRevBoard.
           Use 'QuickRev.jar --board-old --help' to show all options.
           Note: This option might be removed in the future.

           Loads the given project-, review- or export- files.
           QuickRev determines automatically which type of file was given.
           To specify the file types explicitly use the options below.

       [-c|--config <config-file...>]
           Start with configuration files.
           The config-files can be given as local or remote (http://) files.

           Start in diff mode. The diff mode is just to perform file diffs without saving/loading of projects.
           In difference to normal mode, files which are not under version control as well as local working
           copies can be loaded into QuickRev and compared, which is not possible in review mode.

       [-f|--file <review-file...>]
           Loads the given review files.
           If given as first arguments the option can be omitted.

       [-p|--project <project-file...>]
           Loads the given project- or export- files.
           If given as first arguments the option can be omitted.

       [-find|--find-project <path>]
           Searches for project files which are not finished for the current user starting from the given path.
           If projects are found a list will be shown to select the project which has to be loaded.

       [-cs|--changeset [<rev|from-rev:to-rev|HEAD>]]
           Opens the 'Add Files From Changesets' dialog and loads the given changesets (for SVN and GIT only).
           Either use a single revision number to load this changeset (e.g. -cs 123) or specify a range of changesets
           in the format '<from-revision>:<to-revision>' (e.g. -cs 123:126), including the given revision numbers.
           Use '<from-revision>:HEAD' to load all changesets from the given revision number up to the HEAD revision.
           To load the latest changesets either use 'HEAD' or no revision number at all.
           The repository url will be determined from the current working directory.
           Loading a range of revision numbers ('<from-revision>:<to-revision>') is not available for GIT.
           Note: When loading projects or review files at the same time this option will be ignored.

       [-cl|--checklist <checklist-file...>]
           Loads the given checklist files.
           The checklist-files can be given as local or remote (http://) files.

       [--plugin <plugin-path...>]
           Specifies the plugins to be loaded.
           The given paths can be either plugin jar-files or directories.
           If a directory was given it will be searched for jar-files (non-recursive).
           The plugin-paths can be given as local or remote (http://) once.
           If plugins from remote are specified the plugins have to be listed explicitly (no directories).

           This option is useful in case of errors to get additional information.
           Specifying "--debug" only, will show an additional "Debug" menu which provides different debug options.
           Furthermore you can assign a log-level in the form "--debug:ALL" to print logging information of the
           given level to standard error. The following log-levels are available:
           SEVERE (highest value), WARNING, INFO, CONFIG, FINE, FINER, FINEST (lowest value), ALL.
           (See java.util.logging.Level for more information)

       NOTE (1):

       During loading and comparing of large files it can be necessary to increase the
       size of the heap space. This can be done with the following arguments:

       java -Xms<initial heap size> -Xmx<maximum heap size>

       java -Xms64m -Xmx1024m -jar QuickRev.jar [OPTIONS]

       NOTE (2):

       Review files loaded from any version control system will be read with the systems default encoding which may
       differ from the encoding used to store these files. Since QuickRev cannot know the encoding used for the files
       you have to specify this different encoding with the following arguments:

       java -Dfile.encoding=<your encoding>

       java -Dfile.encoding=utf-8 -jar QuickRev.jar [OPTIONS]

       Tom Seidel

   Version 3.0.1 (2016-11-05)
       * QuickRevBoard: Added possibility to select file versions for a review and create
         a new project in the QuickRevBoard front end.
       * Changed assigned reviewers to a required field which will be shown in red now as long as no
         reviewer is assigned to the review and will let the input validation fail in this case.
       * 'Information', 'Conclusion' and 'File References' tab will be displayed in red now if there
         are input fields which are required but do not have a value yet.
         (feature request #3 "Tabs with not filled mandatory fields should be also displayed in red")
       * QuickRevBoard: Added check whether the given vcs command exists for better error reporting.
       * fix: NullPointerException and ConcurrentModificationException when generating the QuickRevBoard
       * fix: In phase 'ALL' it was not possible to add a new reviewer via the 'Conclusion' tab if the
              reviewer was not added on the 'Information' tab before.
       * fix: Removed wait-cursor from green screen when waiting for reload files, because that's just
              waiting for a user action and may be misleading.
       * fix: NullPointerException when loading invalid xml config files.

   Version 3.0.0 (2016-08-22)
       * QuickRev goes GIT - this is the very first version with GIT support!
         (feature request #2 "Git support")
       * Added 'File Browser' (available via the tool bar) to select, show or hide files on the
         'Files' tab or file references on the 'File References' tab easily by using either the
         tree view or list view.
       * Extended 'unique short names' by adding same directories as used for other files already.
         Example: when reviewing '/dir1/dir2/File.hpp', '/dir1/dir2/File.cpp' and '/dir1/dir3/File.hpp'
         the former 'unique short names' where 'dir2/File.hpp', 'File.cpp' and 'dir3/File.hpp'
         which makes it hard to see here 'File.cpp' depends to, with the extended version this has
         changed to 'dir2/File.hpp', 'dir2/File.cpp' and 'dir3/File.hpp', 'dir2' already used for
         'File.hpp' will be added to all files in the same directory as well.
       * QuickRevBoard: Added exit code which indicates the current review history state.
         (feature request #10 "Return value of QuickRev Board")
       * Added mouse click action to load the file content of a file with recently changed file versions,
         i.e. a click on the green screen in 'Files' view loads the content of this file directly.
       * Made tool bar available even in '--diff' mode.
       * fix: Review file state in case the determined baseline review state equals the review state without

   Version 2.0.1 (2016-04-26)
       * fix: Comment marker in code view not shown in follow-up review cycle for unchanged review files.

   Version 2.0.0 (2016-03-06)
       * This is the first version which uses java version 8 (JDK 8), starting with an older version
         will not work anymore.
       * Increased performance when loading or creating new projects. The file history and content
         will be loaded separately for each file component without blocking all inputs. So e.g. new
         files can be added even if loading of other files is not yet finished. Furthermore depending
         on the review phase file content or history will be loaded first, so e.g. during a verification
         the file content will be loaded first so the verification can be started even if the file
         history has not been loaded yet.
       * The 'File References' tab has a new menu 'History State' which allows to show the history
         state of each file as additional icon on the 'History' button either by selecting the sub
         menu 'Show History States' or 'Show History States, Reload File History If Necessary'.
       * Via menu 'History State / Change Baseline Settings...' at the 'File References' tab a
         baseline can be set for each version control system. This baseline will be considered when
         determining the review state of a file, i.e. all versions of a file up to (including) the
         baseline version will be regarded as 'reviewed'.
       * Added check whether the loaded project file has changed by another program during saving
         to avoid overwriting an updated project file. Instead the user will be informed and can cancel
         the task to perform a reload (hence join) of the updated project.
       * Added '--version' option to print the current version and build information.
       * Changed error messages when trying to add files which are already part of the project by not
         displaying one dialog for each file instead one dialog with all affected files will be shown.
       * The scroll width in the code view window is configurable via menu
         'Project / Preferences / General / Scroll Width' now.
       * Added help text to text fields.
       * QuickRevBoard: Added '--baseline' option which allows to create the board by considering a
         baseline, so each file version older or equal to the given baseline will be regarded as
       * QuickRevBoard: Added possibility to define multiple user names in QuickRevBoard front-end which
         is useful e.g. if the reviewer name differs from the subversion user-name. Furthermore the current
         user will be marked in review history if he/she has 'no-latest' files or has a review task to perform.
       * QuickRevBoard: Changed QuickRevBoard front-end by adding more information to tool tips for file
         versions and review and on-click action to open the files directly.
       * Updated lombok version to 1.16.4
       * fix: When opening a project via the 'Task List' dialog the filter options have not been saved.
       * fix: When starting QuickRev in diff mode (--diff) the 'Recent Projects' menu has been cleared.
       * fix: When loading the review history of a file the email address found in the history has overridden
              the configured email address if the name of the user remained unchanged, so that the old email
              address was used in project file and during sending of email notifications.
              By now email addresses read from history will not overrule the configured once.
       * fix: When QuickRevBoard was generated with option --no-tasks the option --db-dir was ignored.
       * fix: The search field for search in code view did not react on [RETURN] key anymore to go to the
              next match.
       * fix: Review history dialog has shown 'not all versions loaded' instead of 'review gaps found' even
              if it was clear already, that loading all version would not lead to a different result.
       * fix: Shortcuts when changing between [D]iff, [C]omments and [B]oth selection did not work correctly
              in code window.
       * fix: Added 'Remove Diff Item' in UML diagram view to 'Base Diagram' and 'Layered Diff' view like
              already available for 'Review Diagram' view.
       * fix: When sorting files 'By File Extension' the option will not be stored correctly and the
              following option was selected instead.

   Version 1.15.0 (2015-02-27)
       * Added 'Go To Line...' menu item to context menu of code view.
       * Change search field for search in code view to combo box to select former search strings.
       * Excludes defined for QuickRevHistory will be taken into account now even for adding of loaded
         projects to history-DB automatically. So different paths can be excluded even if reviews will be
         performed in this directories.
       * Include paths can be defined for history-DB now, so if the history-DB is configured to add opened
         projects automatically to the history-DB this can be restricted to different paths.
         So it is e.g. possible to ignore reviews from other branches in the history-DB.
       * Extended option '--changeset' to be able to load the latest changesets automatically.
         Either use 'HEAD' or no argument at all to load the latest changesets.
       * Changed selection of review phase when changing the review cycles or reopening a project.
         Instead of 'Finished' for reviewers 'Review' will be selected to allow further changes without
         changing the review phase via the menu. When switching back to a former review cycle as initiator
         'Correction' instead of 'Finished' will be selected.
       * Added possibility to assign multiple reviewers at once to a project and allow selection of favourite
         users to be placed at the top of the list for easier selection.
       * Added possibility to add comments via the context menu of the links shown during comparing different
         diagram versions in the compare diagram tool window and via the links shown in the find tool window
         when searching in diagrams.
       * Added possibility to remove diff items and search result items in diagram view when comparing diagrams
         or searching in diagrams via the new context menus 'Remove Diff Item' and 'Remove Search Result'.
       * Extended diagram view by showing not only the description of an element in the info message pane but
         the complete text (e.g. if it is an UML-note) as well.
       * Enhanced output of diagram compare functionality to see differences easier, additionally the diff
         will be shown in the info message pane.
       * Enhanced find function for diagrams which now shows the reference and text of the selected UML element
         in the info message pane.
       * Added possibility to use QuickRev --history --tasks option without arguments to print the tasks for
         all users. (Alternatively 'ALL' can be used as already possible before.)
       * Added check that all modified comments are accepted before executing a tool via the 'Tools' menu to
         avoid loose of these changes.
       * fix: if an invalid changeset was given via command line options '--changeset' the error message was
              shown every time when opening the changeset selection dialog.
       * fix: added error handling in case the start directory to create the history-DB does not exist,
              which let to a corrupted database
       * fix: storage of excludes defined to find new projects and for history-DB which did not allow to override
              generic excludes loaded via config files

   Version 1.14.2 (2015-01-30)
       * QuickRevBoard option '--replace-svnsync-path' can now be used for ClearCase as well and therefore has been
         renamed to '--replace-vcs-path'.
       * QuickRevBoard option '--replace-path' can be given more than once now to use different replacements.
       * QuickRevHistory loads configuration files given via option '--config' now as well.
       * fix: fixed path replacement for QuickRevBoard option '--replace-svnsync-path' which will replace wrongly in
              case the remote path is part of the path to be adapted already

   Version 1.14.1 (2015-01-14)
       * Added possibility to configure the front end of the QuickRevBoard in web browser.
       * Added creation of projects containing all files where the latest versions are not reviewed to 'QuickRevBoard'.
       * Changed evaluation of '--exclude' and '--include' from generation of 'QuickRevBoard' and history to exclude the
         given start directory from search. So the start directory itself cannot be excluded.
       * Removed JavaBeans Activation Framework which is part of the JRE already.
       * fix: fixed evaluation of review state if the only reviewed version of a file is unchanged

   Version 1.14.0 (2014-11-16)
       * The QuickRevBoard has been redesigned and extended by showing not even a task list for all open reviews but also
         the review history of all files.
         Use 'java -jar QuickRev.jar --board --help' for all options available to generate the QuickRevBoard.
         (The old (deprecated) QuickRevBoard can be generated via the '--board-old' option.)
       * Changed evaluation of subversion history to detect versions where the file has been moved only as 'unchanged'.
       * Added '--tasks' option to 'QuickRev --history' to print all open tasks for the given users.
       * Added icon to 'Task List' dialog and for creation of new review cycle.
       * Updated version of history database 'H2' from 1.3.175 to 1.3.176
       * fix: Fixed syntax highlighting for c++ preprocessor directives with spaces between # and the identifier.
       * fix: Fixed option '--db-dir' which did not work when running 'QuickRev --history' from console to create review history.

   Version 1.13.0 (2014-04-02)
       * Added possibility to insert links to other comments into the 'Comment' and 'Solution' field of the 'Comment' dialog.
         The referenced comment has to be selected via the context menu of the 'Comment' or 'Solution' field.
       * Added 'Comment Overview' dialog which shows all comments in a table regardless of the selected review cycle.
         The dialog can be accessed via the menu 'Comments / Show Comments Overview ...'.
       * Extended 'Add Files From Changesets' dialog (SVN only) by adding possibility to load a concrete changeset or to load
         a range of changesets.
         Furthermore a changeset can be loaded during startup of QuickRev via the new option '--changeset | -cs' with a given
         revision number (e.g. '-cs 123') or with a range of revision numbers (e.g. '-cs 123:125' or '-cs 123:HEAD').
       * Added an indicator whether the content of a file has changed for a file version. This information is available for
         subversion only starting with version 1.7. The information have been added to the file versions at the 'File References'
         tab and to the file versions of the 'Review History' dialog. Unchanged file versions will implicitly regarded as
         covered by a review (because there is nothing to review) for review history.
         Furthermore unchanged file versions will be shown in the 'Add Files From Changeset' dialog and can be used as filter
         rule to show or hide all unchanged file versions from a changeset.
       * Added sub-menu 'Select Comment ...' to 'Add To Comment' menu item in context menu to be able to select a comment where
         a new file reference has to be added to.
       * Added possibility to search in UML diagrams.
       * Made VCS user name VCS specific instead of defining one for all VCSs.
       * Increased performance for displaying comment tables.
       * Updated version of history database 'H2' from 1.3.169 to 1.3.175
       * fix: File load errors when loading subversion files where the file itself and the directory path has been renamed in
              the same checkin.
       * fix: File load errors when loading moved files via the 'Add Files From Changesets' dialog (SVN only) now they will be
              loaded by their peg-revision.
       * fix: When changing the order or review files this is recognised as change now, so the 'Save' button will be enabled.
       * fix: Adding files from changesets with subversion 1.5

   Version 1.12.0 (2013-11-24)
       * Changed file based history database to a 'real' database, which can be configured
         either on the command line (java -jar QuickRev.jar --history --help) or via the menu
         'Project / Review History / Configure History ...'. The history-DB stores references
         to the locally stored review projects to be able to show the review history of a
         file and select the last reviewed version as base for a review automatically.
         If the history-DB is configured correctly new reviews will be updated within the
         history-DB during start-up of QuickRev automatically as background task.
       * A 'Task List' is available, which shows all open reviews for the current user.
         The task list is based on the history database and can be shown via menu
         'Extras / Task List ...'.
       * Added 'Compare Diagrams' option to 'Tools' panel in diagram view, which compares
         the models of the base and review version of a diagram and lists all found changes
         with the possibility to select these changes in the different diagram views.
       * Extended 'Sort Files' dialog by allowing to sort the files alphabetically in ascending
         or descending order or to sort the files by file extensions to e.g. show hpp's before
         cpp's in c++. Furthermore drag and drop support is added to sort the files with help
         of the mouse easily. The settings in the 'Sort Files' dialog can be applied
         automatically to files which are added to a review.
       * Added menu 'Files / Sort ...' to sort the files which are visible at the 'Files' tab
         individually with the same options as sorting of files at the 'File References' tab.
         The same dialog can be launched via the 'Define Sort Order ...' menu from the 'Files'
         tab context menu.
       * Added '[TAB]' button to code view to show / hide white spaces and tabs.
         Whether white spaces have to be shown by default can be configured via the 'Preferences'
       * Added possibility to define default exclude patterns in config files when searching
         for open projects via the 'Find Open Projects ...' menu and for configuration of the
       * Saved email address of initiator and reviewers to project files, so the reviewer can
         send back emails without configuring the email addresses of the users. Furthermore
         reviewers with a different user name than the configured one can be identified as the
         same person without asking whether the reviewer is one of the assigned once with a
         different name.
       * Changed behaviour when reading configuration files which define components with the
         same name for 'Information' and 'Conclusion' tabs by replacing the already defined
         components instead of ignoring the new defined once. Furthermore the boolean
         attribute 'remove="true"' can be defined to remove a former loaded component.
       * fix: NullPointerException when adding lines of a file to a comment via the
              'Add To Selected Comment' menu and selecting this comment in the code view without
              accepting the comment in the Comments dialog before
       * fix: fatal error detected by the JRE which occurs sometimes when directories are
              selected via the directory chooser dialog

   Version 1.11.0 (2013-07-28)
       * Added 'Path Mapping' for ClearCase controlled files to review files which are located
         in directories mounted to different locations (drives).
       * Added possibility to hide individual file references of a comment and not the whole comment always.
       * Added drop down menu to session timer to start, stop, reset and modify the session time.
       * Extended files and comments filters by adding negotiated filters to string matching filters.
       * Renamed review cycles from 'Review / Verification / FollowUp(1) / ...' to
         'Initial / Verification / FollowUp(1) / ...' to avoid confusions with the review phase 'Review'.
       * Removed 'Save Preferences' button from 'Preferences' dialog, the preferences will be saved automatically
         now when clicking the 'OK' button now.
       * Added more situations for automatically (re-)starting the session timer, e.g. when hiding comment references.
       * Added icon to configuration menus.
       * fix: do not save email notification preferences to local config file if nothing has changed
              (because of non-html newlines and trailing spaces)
              (fixes #9 "Wrong behavior of the "Save preferences" functionality")
       * fix: added error message when loading config files with duplicated component names
              (fixes #8 "duplicate fields from config file")
       * fix: clear entries of 'AddToComment' menu when closing a project
       * fix: made display of 'CHECKEDOUT' version string in diff mode (--diff) for ClearCase OS specific,
              i.e. '/main/CHECKEDOUT' vs. 'mainCHECKEDOUT'

   Version 1.10.2 (2013-05-24)
       * fix: changed encoding when sending emails to UTF-8, which is necessary to send e.g. chinese characters.

   Version 1.10.1 (2013-05-13)
       * fix: When saving the preferences in the 'Preferences' dialog the changes of 'Email Client Settings' have been discarded -
              this is fixed now.
       * fix: corrected links to external web pages in 'Email Client Settings' preferences
       * fix: NullPointerException with windows 7 and java version 7 when trying to show the "What's New (Release Notes)" dialog
       * fix: caption for menu 'Create New Review Cycle ...' appears on tool bar when changing the review cycle,
              even if the tool bar item is configured to show an icon only

   Version 1.10.0 (2013-02-10)
       * QuickRev now takes the time elapsed for a review session - the 'Session Time'. This time value can be inserted
         into every 'TimeField' (e.g. Effort) via the new 'Session' button, which is added to the time field.
         Furthermore this value can be used for the internal command <set-conclusion ARGS>, e.g. <set-conclusion effort=session-time>,
         to set the value via configured 'Tools'.
       * Added internal command <set-conclusion ARGS> which lets you set the values of the conclusion fields via
         the 'Tools' menu. Example <set-conclusion effort=session-time; date=today; finished=true; some_other_value:ask>.
       * Added internal command <all-mode ARGS> which lets you select or deselect the ALL-mode and provides the possibility to
         add new reviewers.
       * Extended internal command <send-email> by allowing an optional argument 'sendCopyToSender' to change the default behaviour
         for sending a copy to sender.
       * Changed default values for required 'TimeField's (e.g. 'Effort') by allowing '00:00' as valid value.
         If no value is assigned the placeholder '--:--' will be shown.
       * Changed default values for 'DateField's by showing the placeholder value '--.--.--' for an undefined date
         instead of  '00.00.2012'.
         Configuration changes: To use 'today' as default value for own defined 'DateField's 'today' has to be
         defined as default value even for non-required fields (which was the default in former versions).
       * Configuration changes: Added possibility to define a default value for own defined 'Choice' fields by
         adding the attribute 'default="true"' to the default 'Item' element.
       * Added possibility to deselect ALL mode by clicking menu 'View / ALL (4 Eyes Review)' again which automatically selects the
         currently relevant review phase.
       * Added spinner buttons to 'TimeField' and 'DateField' to increase / decrease the values by one minute respectively one day.
       * Added '+' button behind every command of a tool to insert a new command above the selected one.
       * Extended tab menu with the possibility to close all tabs to the left/right respectively above/below.
       * Added menu 'Copy Element Text' to context menu of UML diagrams and renamed menu 'Copy Info Message To Clipboard' to
         'Copy Element Description', to copy either the element's text or the text describing the element in the UML diagram to clipboard.
       * When adding a comment with severity 'Spelling' to an element of an UML diagram the text of the selected element will be inserted
         as comment text to be modified easily.
       * Extended 'Show Message Pane' preferences for UML diagrams with the following options:
         'always', 'on errors only', 'on errors and warnings only', 'never'.
       * Changed matching of exclude directories for 'Find Open Projects' dialog, by matching a substring instead of the whole
         expression, so e.g. 'test' instead of '.*test.*' is enough to exclude every path with 'test' in it.
       * menu 'Insert File Version Descriptions' from 'Information / Description' field removes duplicated entries now
       * fix: preserve line breaks when comments are inserted into the 'Information / Description' field via the context menu
       * fix: deselect removed default tool bar menu in 'Tool Bar Configuration' dialog to be selectable again
       * fix: IllegalArgumentException when updating the history index for very old project files (with separate 'Verification' phase)
       * fix: IndexOutOfBoundsException when changing the commands of a tool during execution of this tool
       * fix: change review phase from 'Creation' to 'Review' if files have been added only and check whether files have been added
              during input validation
       * fix: when adding new users in the 'Preferences / Users' tab the entry was accepted only when another cell has been clicked or
              enter was pressed, this is done automatically now

   Version 1.9.0 (2012-09-30)
       * joined main tab and information tab to one tab for easier access to the 'Information', 'File References',
         'Conclusion' and 'Files' tab
       * added menu 'Project / Add Files From Changeset ...' which lets you add files to the project by fetching
         the latest changesets from a subversion repository and lets you select several files of these changesets
       * added menu 'Project / Find Open Projects ...' which lets you search for open projects starting from a
         selected directory. A command line option '-find|--find-project <path>' was added as well to start the
         search from command line when opening QuickRev.
       * added tool bar which can be configured freely
       * added menu 'Files / Filter ...' which opens the 'Files Filter' dialog to filter files by different options
       * added menu 'Comments / Filter ...' which opens the 'Comments Filter' dialog to filter comments by different
       * added menu 'Project / Close' to close the currently loaded project
       * split menu 'Project / Load/Add ...' into the two different menus 'Project / Open ...', which opens a
         project and closes the currently opened one before, and 'Project / Join ...', which loads a new project
         to be joined with the currently opened one
       * added internal command '<close-project>' to be used for the 'Tools' menu to close the current project
       * added 'Sort Files' menu for file references with the possibility to sort them alphabetically or individual
         to bring the files in a recommended reading order
       * added menu items 'Sort Alphabetically' and 'Sort By Recommended Reading Order' to the context menu of the
         files tab pane to sort the tabs accordingly
       * added coloring of code blocks in code window, which marks matching brackets and the range between them
       * added menu 'Project / Recent Projects' to open former loaded projects easily
       * made the 'Add To Comment' context menu available for UML diagrams
       * extended the 'Add To Selected Comment' and the 'Add To Comment' menus for UML diagrams to be able to assign
         multiple references, depending to the same file, to one comment, if the referenced elements differ.
         I.e. different UML elements from the same diagram can be referenced from one comment.
       * changed behaviour of 'Add To Comment' menu, which will not open the 'Comments' dialog anymore and will not
         select the comment the reference has to be assigned to
       * extended tab panes to be able to close tabs via the new close button or the (now extended) context menu
       * renamed menu 'Project / Reload Project' to 'Project / Reload'
       * moved file references tool bar to upper layer to avoid scrolling the tool bar out of view
       * fix: change font size of author and version annotation when selecting a different size in preferences
       * fix: xml parser exception and wrong display of user names which contain non-escaped xml characters like '<'.

   Version 1.8.0 (2012-06-01)
       * Updated to java JRE 1.6
       * added plug-in mechanism to plug-in own file viewers for different file types, so the content of the
         files can be shown in a user defined way
       * Added file viewer for UML diagrams to show a file describing an UML diagram as graphic,
         with the possibility to add comments to the UML elements.
         The default UML elements provided with this release contain the elements to show state machine diagrams,
         but the elements can be extended for use of other UML elements as well.
         To show a file as state machine diagram a plug-in has to be written, which converts the read file into
         an UML model.
         The provided UML example plug-in (UMLExamplePlugin.jar) serves as an example for a plug-in implementation,
         which reads a own UML file format. To check out the example plug-in start QuickRev with the options
         --plugin UMLExamplePlugin.jar and load the provided uml example project file (UMLExampleProject.qrx),
         which contains an UML state machine diagram in the QuickRev-UML format.
       * added syntax highlighting for PHP files
       * the complete help is available via the 'Help' menu now
       * added possibility to pin the comment tool tips to a fixed location
       * added possibility to hide comments via the new '[Hide]' button in comment tool tips
       * added context menu to comment tables with the possibility to open a comment in the 'Comments' dialog or hide a comment
       * made non-text file extensions and stylesheet path configurable via the 'Preferences' dialog
       * changed note about hidden comments in 'Comments' dialog to link which shows all hidden comments
       * unified comment colors to the same color in the first review cycle and follow-up review cycles as well
       * added documentation for debug options to provide logging information useful in case of errors
       * added possibility to add new reviewers via double click into the 'Reviewers' list
       * fix: IndexOutOfBoundsException when adding new review files to a former review cycle, which should
              not be done normally
       * fix: loading of VCS preferences from config files,
              i.e. when different values for the same VCS where loaded from multiple configuration files the
              previously loaded values where replaced by the default values again which was not intended
       * fix: after removing a file with available history and adding the same file again the history was not
              available anymore

   Version 1.7.0 (2011-11-27)
       * added Tools menu with the possibility to define and execute external programs and internal
         commands which can be used e.g. to commit the project files directly to the used version
         control system
       * added 'Review History' dialog which shows the review coverage of each file version
       * added possibility to mark files as deleted
       * added tool bar for selection of review and base versions for all files by different topics
       * added 'Project / Reload Project' menu to reload the current project
       * replaced menu 'Extras / Adjust File Path' with a 'Moved' button which is available for every
         file at the 'File References' tab to update the file path file specifically
       * added undo / redo options to text fields
       * added 'What's New' dialog to show the release notes
       * extended 'Help' dialog
       * added context menu to email notification preferences to select placeholders easily
       * added possibility to use the scroll bars in the diff window independently of each other,
         the behavior can be changed via the new 'Synchronize Vertical Scrollbars' context menu
       * added possibility to select which version has to be selected as default during creation of
         new review cycles
       * extended review history to recognize file versions even if the file has been moved / renamed
       * added request for cycle change when changing to a referenced comment which is
         available in a previous review cycle only
       * changed version check to check the QuickRev version against the project version before the project
         will be loaded to allow the use to abort the operation
       * fix: fixed problem when loading the content of a svn file from a local working copy which has been
              moved to another directory already, but the working copy has not been updated yet.
       * fix: fixed selection of file path if the file location has been adjusted after
              the file was moved, but the selected version does not correspond to the
              new file path (use of revision as peg-revision with wrong path)
       * fix: open search panel in diff window if CTRL-F is pressed. This did not work in any cases before.
       * fix: when loading multiple project files the resulting project has to be marked as unsaved

   Version 1.6.0 (2011-04-22)
       * added checklist id to checklists in order to make the rule ids unique within one
         checklist only
       * added reading of user defined attributes from checklists description sub-elements
         to be used for additional formatting via 'style' attributes
       * added formatting options (bold, italic, etc.) to description field,
         text reference comments and user defined 'TextArea' fields
       * added formatting options to email notification and corresponding templates
       * added possibility to attach a project and/or export file to the email notification
         without the need to save or export the project before
       * extended search panel in diff window to start search from current cursor position,
         search for previous match as well, ignore case and mark all matches
       * moved selection of review phase from status bar into separate 'View' menu
       * removed necessity to change to user name in 4-eyes mode (ALL mode) to create
         comments in the name of this user; furthermore the conclusion can be created for a
         new reviewer in 4-eyes mode directly via the conclusion tab
       * added dialog for overall review phase with hints what to do next
       * added possibility to assign the content of a default comment to an existing one
         directly in the comment dialog
       * added version check to inform if a project file was created by a newer QuickRev
         version than the used QuickRev version
       * changed behaviour of 'Incomplete Input' dialog to report only the items of the current
         user if requested this way
       * fix: null pointer exception when showing file annotations in diff more for files which
              are not under version control
       * fix: preserve formatting with code-tags when re-editing comments where code tags have
              been used
       * fix: selection of review phase for initiator in different situations
              (i.e. after reopening of project the phase has to be 'Creation' instead of
               'Correction' as long as no reviewer has started the review cycle)
       * fix: scrolling in prev diff window with enter key
       * fix: use conclusion components from initial review cycle if no conclusion components
              for a follow up review cycle are defined
       * fix: exception when modifying the name of default comments or solutions in the preferences
              dialog by pasting a string via mouse only (linux)

   Version 1.5.0 (2010-12-05)
       * QuickRevBoard - lets you generate a ToDo list
       * added loading of annotations (blame) indicating the author / version of every code line
       * added version information regarding the selected versions for file references
       * fix: assignment of default arguments to vcs-commands, i.e. added additional field for command arguments
       * fix: show solution of duplicated comments in comment tool tip and table of non text file comments
       * fix: made 'Files' menu scrollable if more files are assigned than can be visible on screen
       * fix: exception during export of projects if same file versions are selected

   Version 1.4.3 (2010-10-10)
       * added possibility to select a duplicated comment during correction phase
       * added possibility to extend the context menu to select comments easily to add new file references
       * added selection of 'favourite rules' directly from comment dialog
       * added dialog to assign comment-comment references easily to the new files
       * added menu to load checklists directly from the menu (and not by command line only)
       * added possibility to format 'default solutions' (italic, bold, etc.)
       * added 'Reload' button to reload the version history of a single file
       * added limit of file versions to increase performance during file load
       * added separate menu to change the reviewer in 4eyes mode
       * added review phase to reviewers in xml-file for overall phase 'Review'
       * fix: loading of file versions from ClearCase snapshot views
       * fix: read and write xml-files with same encoding as specified in xml declaration
       * fix: setting of colors in table for non-text file comments
       * fix: null pointer exception when specifying email addresses without a name
              (name <x.y@z>) during sending of email notifications
       * fix: no null value for print margin column in preferences dialog
       * fix: calculation of print margin when changing from single to double diff window
       * fix: initialization of config values for general preferences when loading from config file
       * fix: do not allow to remove files if comments are assigned to the file

   Version 1.4.2 (2010-07-01)
       * added navigation bar to jump between comments or changes in diff window
       * added author and date to selection of file versions
       * added configuration of 'Default Comments' to 'Preferences' dialog
       * extended 'Files / Show/Hide' menu to show/hide files by there review state
       * extended 'Comments / Show/Hide' menu to show/hide comments by review cycle
       * added print margins to diff window
       * fix: if 'Auto Hide Completed Comments' is selected during correction phase
              comments from previous review cycle will be hidden too
       * fix: hide completed comments when loading a project and 'Auto Hide Completed Comments'
              in correction phase

   Version 1.4.1 (2010-04-21)
       * added export of whole project to be loaded without access to any version control system
       * added syntax highlighting for Python
       * added possibility to change font size in diff window
       * added 'Close'/'Cancel' buttons to some dialogs
       * added 'Copy' menu to context menu of diff window
       * added error messages if no values for placeholders in email notifications could be found
       * increased performance during adding of multiple project files into one
       * fix (stylesheet): display of effort, which was shown in the wrong column sometimes

   Version 1.4.0 (2010-02-26)
       * added checklist support
       * added possibility to reference comments from previous review cycle in comments of the next cycle
       * added menu item "Adjust File Path ..." to adjust the path of review files which have been
         moved / renamed during the review
       * if a verification version of a file is known via loaded base-project-files the base for the new
         review will be selected automatically
       * added possibility to additionally save the project if the 'Accept' or 'OK' button in the comment
         dialog was pressed
       * added buttons to easily add predefined number of minutes to TimeFields
       * increased performance by avoiding reload of file content of files with same versions during creation of
         new review cycles and switching between different review cycles
       * increased performance by not comparing files with identical versions
       * fix: some problems with user management regarding case insensitive user names
       * fix: switch display of comment tool tips if assigned to same lines of different sides from diff window
       * fix: mark verification version only if review state is finished

   Version 1.3.4 (2009-12-14)
       * comment tool tips and non-text file comments are shown now as formatted text (like in comment dialog)
       * made tab width in diff window configurable via preferences dialog
       * added separators to distinguish between different consecutive comments in diff window
       * fix: loading of base project files with review files added after initial review cycle
       * fix: use the same font in all text fields (especially JTextArea)
       * fix: prohibit changes in disabled text fields via context menu or shortcuts
       * fix: coloring of base file version information even if the version selection box has the focus
       * fix: added missing line breaks when showing email notification dialog and 'sendAsHTML' is selected
       * fix: user name changed to default user after closing of 'Preferences' dialog
       * fix: Visitor cannot add comments in '4eyes review' mode
       * fix: tool tip on file tab (showed 'null' in some cases)

   Version 1.3.3 (2009-11-22)
       * added email notifications to be used for review invitation and review feedback
       * added possibility to format comment text (italic, bold, underline, code, strike through)
       * introduced '4-eyes' - review mode (menu 'Extra / 4 Eyes Review') to enable all input fields
         to be filled out by one person easily without switching the review step
       * users can be configured now via preferences dialog (and not only in configuration files)
       * added calendar for selection of date in date fields
       * added colored markers at 'Project / File References' tab to indicate the state of the file
       * fix: file revision of files added after initial review cycle with following cycles
              not loaded correctly
       * fix: show files with changes for verification (or follow-up) by default
       * fix: erroneously shown menu items without caption in context without of diff window
       * fix: corrected initialization state of restore defaults button for syntax highlighting
       * fix: do not allow adding of general comments from initiator
       * fix: enable comment tool tips again if files are identical during file diff

   Version 1.3.2 (2009-09-26)
       * added possibility to add new files after the initial review cycle
       * added syntax highlighting for 'D', 'Ruby' and 'XML/HTML'
       * added menu 'Show Diff' to context menu in diff windows to hide / show the differences between
         files added for delta review
       * added possibility to automatically hide completed comments during correction phase via 'Accept' button

   Version 1.3.1 (2009-08-20)
       * added syntax highlighting
       * added context menu to tabs in comment dialog to hide comments directly
       * added possibility to change order of files (in files-tab) and comments (in comment dialog) via drag and drop
       * added possibility to disable comment tool tips in diff windows
       * fix: ignore non-xml-conform characters in ClearCase history
       * fix: duplicate appearance of 'Incomplete Input' dialog via shortcut CTRL+S

   Version 1.3.0 (2009-08-01)
       * introduced complete review cycle
       * even if the content of a file could not be loaded or the file was not found
         the comments given in project file will be shown and no file references will be lost
         (so even without access to any version control system non-text files can be reviewed)
       * added separate menu items to add comments and set severity in one step,
         the menu can be configured to use the selected text directly as comment (predefined for severity 'Spelling')
       * added possibility to define default solutions for any state to be applied easily via the
         state selection in comment dialog
       * added context menu to files tabs to hide them via the menu
       * added possibility to add new 'non-text' file references to already existing comments
       * added file state markers to file tabs and file menu items
       * made context menu in diff window available on both sides
       * added context menu to 'Description' field to insert the version descriptions of all review files
       * right mouse click sets the cursor anew before opening of context menu in diff window,
         so assigning comments becomes a bit easier
       * added context menu to synchronize horizontal scrolling in diff window
       * initiator cannot create comments anymore
       * removed superfluous file comparisons for delta-review or verification to increase performance
       * increased performance of comment dialog
       * fix: use of default date in 'DateField' if 'required' is set to 'false'
       * fix: layout bug in comment tool tips with java 6

   Version 1.2.2 (2009-06-13)
       * show progress during loading of files and load files in separate threads to avoid freezing GUI
       * auto append file extension during project saving via menu 'Project / Save As...'
       * ask before overwriting files during project saving via menu 'Project / Save As...'
       * installed global keystrokes to save via CTRL+S even if the main dialog does not has the focus
       * removed usage of 'HEAD' as peg revision for svn commands since some older svn-clients seem to deal not
         correctly with this syntax (problem was reported with svn 1.3.1)
       * fix: avoid wrong error message if the same file was selected by clicking the file selection field

   Version 1.2.1 (2009-05-14)
       * if not in review phase line numbers will be shown as links in comment dialog to jump directly to the
         corresponding lines
       * added menu 'Project / Reload File Versions' to force a reload of the version history and
         possibility to force the reload during creation of verification phase
       * extended show/hide menu for comments to select by file reference
       * added possibility to suppress 'Incomplete Input' dialog during saving up to exit of QuickRev
       * allow selection of multiple files
       * made use of resizeable TextArea in comment dialog for non-text file comment
       * create conclusion pane for user automatically if he/she is assigned as reviewer
       * insert selected text into search field in diff window
       * fix: if the IncompleteInput dialog was not shown after check for incomplete input the selection was
              not updated for the next time the dialog appears
       * fix: 'Too many open files'
       * fix: layout problems in main tab panes under MacOS/X (thanks to Clemens Hintze)

   Version 1.2.0 (2009-04-26)
       * added ClearCase support
       * added hide / show menus for comments
       * added possibility to enlarge or reduce size of text areas
       * added separate menu 'Project / Load Base Project File ...' load former project files as base for
         the new review (In previous QuickRev version this was only possible via command line)
       * allow selection of base versions if it is less than review version only and
         selection of verification version if it is higher or equals the review version
       * added menu 'Files / Show All Files' and colored menu 'Files / Load Files' if a reload is needed
       * made use of different colors in 'Files' menu and 'Files' tab to show whether a file has comments
         or changes have been made to be verified in verification phase
       * allow multiple rows in all columns of non-text files
       * old config file format is not supported anymore (was only used for user config in .quickRev - file)
       * fix: IndexOutOfBoundsException during startup of QuickRev with project file in verification phase,
              single diff window selected and verification file contains fewer lines than review files and
              comments assigned to the end of review file
       * fix: calculate number of rows in non-text file comment table and comment tool tip depending on the
              used font (not monospaced only)
       * fix: comment ids will be updated if one comment is deleted in between and
              numbering of comments is done separately for every reviewer

   Version 1.1.1 (2009-04-02)
       * comments of non-text review files will be shown as table at the corresponding tab
       * former project files can be loaded as base (-b/ase <base-filename>) for a new review to have
         an overview of old review resp. verification versions during selection of the new ones
       * extended search in diff window to search on both sides
       * sorted files in menu 'Files' alphabetically
       * display 'solution' and 'state' in tool tip dialog for comments and made dialog movable
       * added phase dependent layout in CommentDialog
       * adding of comments allowed in 'Review' phase only
       * added possibility to predefine user names via config files for easy selection of reviewers,
         initiator or user
       * changed syntax for startup of QuickRev (see USAGE)
       * added auto detection, whether files given as arguments during startup are project or review files
       * swapped information and files tab
       * increased performance in comment dialog
       * fix: fixed layout problems with comment tool tip dialog
       * fix: position of comment notes during verification phase in single diff window
       * fix: update of revision number in non text files panel when changing from review to verification
              phase and vice versa
       * fix: updated links in comment dialog immediately after changing file reference
       * fix: exception if file reference was changed and "OK" or "Accept" was pressed in comment dialog
              without reloading the files before
       * fix: show 'real' content of file although white spaces are ignored

   Version 1.1.0 (2009-03-10)
       * added verification phase (can be disabled if not needed)
       * added possibility to specify who has to review during creation phase
       * added element 'Phase' to xml-output
       * added number of lines (total and non-empty) for text files to xml-output
       * added menu item 'Verify Input ...' to check whether all fields have been completed
       * added 'DateField' to configuration
       * removed auto-date element 'QuickRev/Info/Date' from xml-output
         (the configured 'DateField' leads to the same xml-output as before, but with a concrete date)
       * added menu item 'Hide All Files' and marked hidden files in menu
       * do not reload already loaded file content
       * changed encoding in xml-output to 'UTF-8'
       * fix: use peg-revisions for svn-commands to be able to deal with moved/replaced/deleted files
       * fix: on tracking changes for not required components, to ask before exiting
       * fix: fixed bug in 'TimeField' which indicates a change on gain focus although nothing has changes
       * fix: update of title from non-text file panels by version changes
       * fix: do not add already known comments while loading another project file
       * fix: added error message for lines given in comment dialog outside line numbers
       * fix: link in comment dialog jumped to the wrong position in delta-review mode
       * fix: indicate project as changed on deletion of comments

   Version 1.0.5 (2009-02-17)
       * fix: fixed loading of files with white spaces in filename
       * fix: fixed exception during opening context menu for empty files in diff window

   Version 1.0.4 (2009-02-11)
       * no changes in diff window are possible anymore
       * mark tab titles with different colors for different working states in comment dialog
       * added possibility to mark required fields in configuration files
       * mark caption of required components without input
       * save required but unchanged components to xml-output as empty elements
       * properties moved to separate dialog
       * load only files with already assigned comments during loading of projects
       * hide single review files via "Files/.../Hide" menu
       * track changes to ask for saving before exit
       * added checks, whether all required information have been completed before saving
       * added number of files to metrics
       * added links to jump from file to comment dialog and vice versa
       * added search option to review windows
       * added menu item to create general comments directly
       * made output format of date/time configurable via config file
       * added possibility to add description to user defined components (shown as tool tips)
       * added possibility to add TimeField components via config files
       * made default components configurable
       * prepared interfaces for integration of other version control systems

   Version 1.0.3 (2008-12-29)
       * extended length of ToolTip display
       * added possibility to change/save preferences
       * load projects via command line using [-p/roject <project-file>]
       * read built-in config files (resources/config.xml) from jar file
       * changed layout of comment dialog to expand comment and solution field to maximum size
       * increased speed (width) of mouse wheel for scrolling in diff windows
       * start Load/Save - Project dialog in current working directory instead of home directory
       * added separate tab pane for selection or project or all opened review files
       * removed menu item 'Remove' from 'Files' menu


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