What Has Been New


Version 2.0.1

  • Bug fixes only.

Version 2.0.0

  • This is the first version which uses java version 8 (JDK 8), starting with an older version will not work anymore.
  • Increased performance when loading or creating new projects. The file history and content will be loaded separately for each file component without blocking all inputs. So e.g. new files can be added even if loading of other files is not yet finished. Furthermore depending on the review phase file content or history will be loaded first, so e.g. during a verification the file content will be loaded first so the verification can be started even if the file history has not been loaded yet.
  • The File References tab has a new menu History State which allows to show the history state of each file as additional icon on the History button either by selecting the sub menu Show History States or Show History States, Reload File History If Necessary.
  • History State Menu

  • Via menu History State / Change Baseline Settings... at the File References tab a baseline can be set for each version control system. This baseline will be considered when determining the review state of a file, i.e. all versions of a file up to (including) the baseline version will be regarded as 'reviewed'.
  • Change Baseline Settings Menu

  • Added check whether the loaded project file has changed by another program during saving to avoid overwriting an updated project file. Instead the user will be informed and can cancel the task to perform a reload (hence join) of the updated project.
  • Added --version option to print the current version and build information.
  • Changed error messages when trying to add files which are already part of the project by not displaying one dialog for each file instead one dialog with all affected files will be shown.
  • The scroll width in the code view window is configurable via menu Project / Preferences / General / Scroll Width now.

    Change Scroll Width Preferences

  • Added help text to text fields.
  • QuickRevBoard: Added --baseline option which allows to create the board by considering a baseline, so each file version older or equal to the given baseline will be regarded as 'reviewed'.
  • QuickRevBoard: Added possibility to define multiple user names in QuickRevBoard front-end which is useful e.g. if the reviewer name differs from the subversion user-name. Furthermore the current user will be marked in review history if he/she has 'no-latest' files or has a review task to perform.
  • QuickRevBoard: Changed QuickRevBoard front-end by adding more information to tool tips for file versions and review and on-click action to open the files directly.
  • Updated lombok version to 1.16.4
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.15.0

  • Added Go To Line... menu item to context menu of code view.

    GoTo Line Menu

  • Change search field for search in code view to combo box to select former search strings.

    Search ComboBox

  • Excludes defined for QuickRevHistory will be taken into account now even for adding of loaded projects to history-DB automatically. So different paths can be excluded even if reviews will be performed in this directories.
  • Include paths can be defined for history-DB now, so if the history-DB is configured to add opened projects automatically to the history-DB this can be restricted to different paths. So it is e.g. possible to ignore reviews from other branches in the history-DB.

    History Include Paths

  • Extended option --changeset to be able to load the latest changesets automatically. Either use HEAD or no argument at all to load the latest changesets.
  • Changed selection of review phase when changing the review cycles or reopening a project. Instead of Finished for reviewers Review will be selected to allow further changes without changing the review phase via the menu. When switching back to a former review cycle as initiator Correction instead of Finished will be selected.
  • Added possibility to assign multiple reviewers at once to a project and allow selection of favourite users to be placed at the top of the list for easier selection.

    User Selection Dialog

  • Added possibility to add comments via the context menu of the links shown during comparing different diagram versions in the compare diagram tool window and via the links shown in the find tool window when searching in diagrams.
    Added possibility to remove diff items and search result items in diagram view when comparing diagrams or searching in diagrams via the new context menus Remove Diff Item and Remove Search Result.

    Add Comments in Diagram Compare and Find

  • Extended diagram view by showing not only the description of an element in the info message pane but the complete text (e.g. if it is an UML-note) as well.

    UML Mouse Over Information

  • Enhanced output of diagram compare functionality to see differences easier, additionally the diff will be shown in the info message pane.

    UML Diff Output

  • Enhanced find function for diagrams which now shows the reference and text of the selected UML element in the info message pane.

    UML Find Output

  • Added possibility to use QuickRev --history --tasks option without arguments to print the tasks for all users. (Alternatively ALL can be used as already possible before.)
  • Added check that all modified comments are accepted before executing a tool via the Tools menu to avoid loose of these changes.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.14.2

  • QuickRevBoard option --replace-svnsync-path can now be used for ClearCase as well and therefore has been renamed to --replace-vcs-path.
  • QuickRevBoard option --replace-path can be given more than once now to use different replacements.
  • QuickRevHistory loads configuration files given via option --config now as well.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.14.1

  • Added possibility to configure the front end of the QuickRevBoard in web browser.

    QuickRevBoard - Configuration

  • Added creation of projects containing all files where the latest versions are not reviewed to QuickRevBoard.

    No-Latest Downloads

  • Changed evaluation of --exclude and --include from generation of QuickRevBoard and history to exclude the given start directory from search. So the start directory itself cannot be excluded.
  • Removed JavaBeans Activation Framework which is part of the JRE already.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.14.0

  • The QuickRevBoard has been redesigned and extended by showing not even a task list for all open reviews but also the review history of all files.
    Use java -jar QuickRev.jar --board --help for all options available to generate the QuickRevBoard.
    (The old (deprecated) QuickRevBoard can be generated via the --board-old option.)

    QuickRevBoard - Review History (directory)

    QuickRevBoard - Task List

  • Changed evaluation of subversion history to detect versions where the file has been moved only as 'unchanged'.
  • Added --tasks option to QuickRev --history to print all open tasks for the given users.
  • Added icon to Task List dialog and for creation of new review cycle.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.13.0

  • Added possibility to insert links to other comments into the Comment and Solution field of the Comment dialog. The referenced comment has to be selected via the context menu of the Comment or Solution field.

    Insert Comment Link

  • Added Comment Overview dialog which shows all comments in a table regardless of the selected review cycle. The dialog can be accessed via the menu Comments / Show Comments Overview ....

    Comment Overview Menu

    Comment Overview Dialog

  • Extended Add Files From Changesets dialog (SVN only) by adding possibility to load a concrete changeset or to load a range of changesets.
    urthermore a changeset can be loaded during startup of QuickRev via the new option --changeset | -cs with a given revision number (e.g. -cs 123) or with a range of revision numbers (e.g. -cs 123:125 or -cs 123:HEAD).

    Specific Specific Changeset Ranges

  • Added an indicator whether the content of a file has changed for a file version. This information is available for subversion only starting with version 1.7. The information have been added to the file versions at the File References tab and to the file versions of the Review History dialog. Unchanged file versions will implicitly regarded as covered by a review (because there is nothing to review) for review history. Furthermore unchanged file versions will be shown in the Add Files From Changeset dialog and can be used as filter rule to show or hide all unchanged file versions from a changeset.

    Property Changed Only

  • Added sub-menu Select Comment ... to Add To Comment menu item in context menu to be able to select a comment where a new file reference has to be added to.

    Add To Comment - Select Comment

  • Added possibility to search in UML diagrams.

    Search In Diagrams

  • Made VCS user name VCS specific instead of defining one for all VCSs.

    User Name VCS Specific

  • Increased performance for displaying comment tables.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.12.0

  • Changed file based history database to a 'real' database, which can be configured either on the command line (java -jar QuickRev.jar --history --help) or via the menu Project / Review History / Configure History .... The history-DB stores references to the locally stored review projects to be able to show the review history of a file and select the last reviewed version as base for a review automatically. If the history-DB is configured correctly new reviews will be updated within the history-DB during start-up of QuickRev automatically as background task.

    Review History Dialog - Main Options

    Review History Dialog - Directories View

    Review History Dialog - Database Configuration

  • A Task List is available, which shows all open reviews for the current user. The task list is based on the history database and can be shown via menu Extras / Task List ...'.

    Task List Menu

    Task List Dialog

  • Added Compare Diagrams option to Tools panel in diagram view, which compares the models of the base and review version of a diagram and lists all found changes with the possibility to select these changes in the different diagram views.

    Diagrams Comparator

    Note: To show files in a custom form like diagrams QuickRev provides a plug-in mechanism to add own file viewers. A default implementation of a file viewer which displays UML state machine diagrams is included in the release and can be extended to show other UML elements as well.

    To check the new feature use the UMLExamplePlugin.jar, which reads a QuickRev-UML format and shows this as diagram. Example UML files are included in the provided UMLExampleProject.qrx (see QuickRev's help menu for more information). Start QuickRev with the options --plugin UMLExamplePlugin.jar and load the provided uml example project file (UMLExampleProject.qrx).

  • Extended Sort Files dialog by allowing to sort the files alphabetically in ascending or descending order or to sort the files by file extensions to e.g. show hpp's before cpp's in c++. Furthermore drag and drop support is added to sort the files with help of the mouse easily. The settings in the Sort Files dialog can be applied automatically to files which are added to a review.

    Sort Files - File References Menu

    Sort Files Dialog

  • Added menu Files / Sort ... to sort the files which are visible at the Files tab individually with the same options as sorting of files at the File References tab. The same dialog can be launched via the Define Sort Order ... menu from the Files tab context menu.

    Sort Files - Files Menu

    Sort Files - Files Tab Menu

  • Added [TAB] button to code view to show / hide white spaces and tabs. Whether white spaces have to be shown by default can be configured via the Preferences dialog.

    Show White Spaces

  • Added possibility to define default exclude patterns in config files when searching for open projects via the Find Open Projects ... menu and for configuration of the history-DB.

  • Saved email address of initiator and reviewers to project files, so the reviewer can send back emails without configuring the email addresses of the users. Furthermore reviewers with a different user name than the configured one can be identified as the same person without asking whether the reviewer is one of the assigned once with a different name.

  • Changed behaviour when reading configuration files which define components with the same name for Information and Conclusion tabs by replacing the already defined components instead of ignoring the new defined once. Furthermore the boolean attribute remove="true" can be defined to remove a former loaded component.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.11.0

  • Added Path Mapping for ClearCase controlled files to review files which are located in directories mounted to different locations (drives).

    Path Mapping for ClearCase For ClearCase path mapping can be enabled, which is useful, if the ClearCase VOBs of different users are mapped to different locations (drives). So even if one user used Windows and another one used linux reviews between the different operating systems can be performed. After enabling the Path Mapping functionality the local path has to be defined in the Local Path field. In the External field(s) all the pathes used by other reviewers have to be defined. To add a new external path use the Add External Path button. When saving your project files you can decide, which path will be stored in the project file. Select the local path to always store your local path in the review sheet, select an external path to use this path or select Preserve Path, which stores the path which has been in the project file when opening it (during creation it will be the local path).

  • Added possibility to hide individual file references of a comment and not the whole comment always.

    Hide Individual File References In Comments Dialog Configure Auto Hide Functionality
    Select which file references to hide via the check-boxes assigned to the different line numbers. Configure when a comment has to be hidden.

    Hide File References via the Comment Tool Tip
    Hide the selected reference only (Ref-Hide), hide all references to this file (File-Hide) or hide the complete comment (Comm-Hide) easily via the comment tool tips.

  • Added drop down menu to session timer to start, stop, reset and modify the session time.

    Session Timer Menu

  • Extended files and comments filters by adding negotiated filters to string matching filters.
  • Filter with Negotiated Values

  • Renamed review cycles from Review / Verification / FollowUp(1) / ... to Initial / Verification / FollowUp(1) / ..., to avoid confusions with the review phase Review.

  • Removed Save Preferences button from Preferences dialog, the preferences will be saved automatically now when clicking the OK button now

  • Added more situations for automatically (re-)starting the session timer, e.g. when hiding comment references.

  • Added icon (Configuration Icon) to configuration menus.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.10.2

  • The default encoding for the subject and content of emails has been set to UTF-8, to make it possible to send e.g. chinese characters.

Version 1.10.1

  • Fixes only.
    Main fix: When saving the preferences in the Preferences dialog the changes of Email Client Settings have been discarded - this is fixed now.

Version 1.10.0

  • QuickRev now takes the time elapsed for a review session - the Session Time. This time value can be inserted into every TimeField (e.g. Effort) via the new Session button, which is added to the time field. Furthermore this value can be used for the internal command <set-conclusion ARGS>, e.g. <set-conclusion effort=session-time>, to set the value via configured Tools.

    Session TimeSession Time Button

  • Added internal command <set-conclusion ARGS> which lets you set the values of the conclusion fields via the Tools menu.

    Tool With Set-Conclusion ARGS

    Create your own tools which can be executed via the Tools menu or even added to the Tool Bar to be accessed via a single mouse click. The shown Tool configuration executes the following Commands:

    1. Fill in the conclusion fields of the Initiator by adding the current date in the Date field, select Finished and inert the session time in the Effort field. Additionally ask for the Effort, which can be helpful if the review was started at some point and in between something other has been done without stopping the session time, so it can be corrected here.
    2. Check whether all needed information has been inserted in the corresponding fields.
    3. Save the project, if it has not been saved before, QuickRev will ask for the name of the project file.
    4. Add the project file to subversion control.
    5. Set the subversion mime-type, so that the project file is indicated as xml-file in the browser and the stylesheet will be applied correctly.
    6. Commit the project file with the message "init review".
    7. Open the email-dialog to inform the reviewers about the new review. It would be possible to send the email directly, but by opening the email-dialog attachments can be assigned as well and the text of the email can be changed.

    Set-Conclusion Configuration Dialog

    The <set-conclusion ARGS> context menu shows this dialog and lets you create a corresponding Command.

    The following example:
    <set-conclusion [other-reviewers] Effort=00:00; Date=today; Finished=true>
    Sets the conclusion fields of all reviewers except the current user, to be able to e.g. verify all changes just by one reviewer and close the project afterwards.

  • Added internal command <all-mode ARGS> which lets you select or de-select the ALL-mode and provides the possibility to add new reviewers.

    With the new internal command <all-mode ARGS> you can e.g. define the following tool to perform a review on the screen quickly. This tool asks you for the name of the reviewer, fills in all needed conclusion fields, adds the project file the subversion and commits it. A detailed description of all steps is given after this screenshot.

    Tool With All-Mode

    1. Select the ALL-mode, ask for the name of the new reviewer and assign her/him to the review.
    2. Fill in the conclusion fields of the Initiator by adding the current date in the Date field, select Finished and inert the session time in the Effort field.
    3. Fill in the conclusion fields of the new Reviewer by adding the current date in the Date field, select Finished and inert the session time in the Effort field. Additionally ask for the Effort to change the previously inserted value.
    4. Check whether all needed information has been inserted in the corresponding fields.
    5. Save the project, if it has not been saved before, QuickRev will ask for the name of the project file.
    6. Add the project file to subversion control.
    7. Set the subversion mime-type, so that the project file is indicated as xml-file in the browser and the stylesheet will be applied correctly.
    8. Commit the project file with the shown message.
    9. Finally de-select the ALL-mode again.

    All-Mode Configuration Dialog

    The <all-mode ARGS> context menu shows this dialog and lets you create a corresponding Command.

  • Extended internal command <send-email> by allowing an optional argument sendCopyToSender to change the default behaviour for sending a copy to sender.

    Send Email Configuration Dialog

  • Changed default values for required TimeFields (e.g. Effort) by allowing 00:00 as valid value. If no value is assigned the placeholder --:-- will be shown.

    Time Field Initial Value

  • Changed default values for DateFields by showing the placeholder value --.--.-- for an undefined date instead of 00.00.2012.

    Date Field Initial Value

    Configuration changes: To use 'today' as default value for own defined DateFields today has to be defined as default value even for non-required fields (which was the default in former versions).

  • Extended tab menu with the possibility to close all tabs to the left/right respectively above/below.

    Tab Menu Close Options

  • Configuration changes: Added possibility to define a default value for own defined Choice fields by adding the attribute default="true" to the default Item element.
  • Added possibility to deselect ALL mode by clicking menu View / ALL (4 Eyes Review) again which automatically selects the currently relevant review phase.
  • Added spinner buttons to TimeField and DateField to increase / decrease the values by one minute respectively one day.
  • Added + button behind every command of a tool to insert a new command above the selected one.
  • Added menu Copy Element Text to context menu of UML diagrams and renamed menu Copy Info Message To Clipboard to Copy Element Description, to copy either the element's text or the text describing the element in the UML diagram to clipboard.
  • When adding a comment with severity Spelling to an element of an UML diagram the text of the selected element will be inserted as comment text to be modified easily.
  • Extended Show Message Pane preferences for UML diagrams with the following options: 'always', 'on errors only', 'on errors and warnings only', 'never'.
  • Changed matching of exclude directories for Find Open Projects dialog, by matching a substring instead of the whole expression, so e.g. 'test' instead of '.*test.*' is enough to exclude every path with 'test' in it."
  • Menu Insert File Version Descriptions from Information / Description field removes duplicated entries now.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.9.0

  • Joined main tab and information tab to one tab for easier access to the Information, File References, Conclusion and Files tab.

    Main Tab

  • Added menu Project / Add Files From Changeset ... which lets you add files to the project by fetching the latest changesets from a subversion repository and lets you select several files of these changesets. Furthermore you can define different filters for the changesets and the contained files.

    'Add Files From Changeset' dialog

  • Added menu Project / Find Open Projects ... which lets you search for open projects starting from a selected directory. A command line option -find|--find-project <path> was added as well to start the search from command line when opening QuickRev.

    'Find Open Projects' dialog

  • A tool bar has been added which can be configured freely. Even user defined Tools and Checklists can be added to the tool bar. The tool bar lets you change the text / foreground and background color / images, etc..

    Main Tool Bar

  • Filter dialogs to filter files and comments by different options are added to the menus Files / Filter ... and Comments / Filter ....
    'Files Filter' dialog'Comments Filter' dialog

  • Changes in menu Project.
    Menu 'Project'
    • Split menu Load/Add ... into the two different menus Open ..., which opens a project and closes the currently opened one before, and Join ..., which loads a new project.
    • Added menu Recent Projects to open former loaded projects easily.
    • Renamed menu Reload Project to Reload.
    • Added Close menu to close the currently loaded project.

  • Added internal command <close-project> to be used for the Tools menu to close the current project.

  • Added Sort Files menu for file references with the possibility to sort them alphabetically or individual to bring the files in a recommended reading order.

    'Sort Files' menu

  • Added menu items Sort Alphabetically and Sort By Recommended Reading Order to the context menu of the files tab pane to sort the tabs accordingly and extended tab panes to be able to close tabs via the new close button or the context menu.

    Files tab menu

  • Added coloring of code blocks in code window, which marks matching brackets and the range between them.

    Code block coloring

  • Made the Add To Comment context menu available for UML diagrams. Extended the Add To Selected Comment and the Add To Comment menus for UML diagrams to be able to assign multiple references, depending to the same file to one comment, if the referenced elements differ.
    This means different UML elements from the same diagram can be referenced from one comment.

  • Changed behaviour of Add To Comment menu, which will not open the Comments dialog anymore and will not select the comment the reference has to be assigned to.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.8.0

  • Updated to java JRE 1.6
    QuickRev requires java version 1.6 or higher from now on.

  • A plug-in mechanism has been added to plug-in own file viewers for different file types. So the content of the files can be shown in a user defined way.

    A default implementation of a file viewer which displays UML state machine diagrams is included in this release, this file viewer can be extended to show other UML elements as well.

    To check out this new file viewer a UMLExamplePlugin.jar is provided, which reads a QuickRev-UML format and shows this as diagram. Example UML files are included in the provided UMLExampleProject.qrx (see QuickRev's help menu for more information). The example plug-in may serve as an example for own plug-ins. To show a file as state machine diagram a plug-in has to be written, which converts the read file into an UML model.

    To check out the example plug-in start QuickRev with the options --plugin UMLExamplePlugin.jar and load the provided uml example project file (UMLExampleProject.qrx).

    The following screen shot shows owe of the UML state machine example files.

    UML state machine diagram example

  • Added syntax highlighting for PHP files.

  • The complete help is available via the Help menu now.

  • Added possibility to pin the comment tool tips to a fixed location and hide a comment via the new [Hide] button.

    Pin and hide the comment tool tip

  • Added context menu to comment tables with the possibility to open a comment in the Comments dialog or hide a comment.

    Context menu for comments table

  • Made non-text file extensions and stylesheet path configurable via the Preferences dialog.

    Preferences dialog with configurable stylesheet and non-text file extensions

  • Changed note about hidden comments in Comments dialog to link which shows all hidden comments.

    Link to show hidden comments in 'Comments' dialog

  • Unified comment colors to the same color in the first review cycle and follow-up review cycles as well.

  • Added documentation for debug options to provide logging information useful in case of errors.

  • Added possibility to add new reviewers via double click into the Reviewers list.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.7.0

  • Added Tools menu with the possibility to define and execute external programs and internal commands which can be used e.g. to commit the project files directly to the used version control system.
    For more information about the usage of tools take a look at the online help of QuickRev.

    Tools Menu
    Tool Configuration Dialog

  • Added Review History dialog which shows the review coverage of each file version.
    Via the menu Project / Review History / Configure Auto Load... you can define the paths where project files will be found. These project files will be used as base for new review files to mark or select the already reviewed versions. Via the History button available for every review file (on the File References tab) you can see the review coverage for the corresponding file.
    For more information about the new review history take a look at the online help of QuickRev.

    Review History

  • Added possibility to mark files as deleted. If files have been deleted during the review they can be marked as deleted now by clicking the Deleted button available for every review file on the File References tab.

    File Deleted

  • A tool bar for selection of review and base versions for all files by different topics is available now.

    Select Base And Review Version Menu

  • Added Project / Reload Project menu to reload the current project.

    Reload Project Menu

  • Replaced menu Extras / Adjust File Path with a Moved button which is available for every file at the File References tab to update the file path file specifically.

    Moved Button

  • Added undo / redo options to all text areas, available via the context menu and the normal shortcuts.

    Undo / Redo Option

  • Added What's New dialog to show the release notes. This dialog is available via the Help menu.

    What's New Dialog

  • Extended Help dialog. All new features are included in the online help by now. This help dialog will be extended with the next releases to cover the whole usage information from this homepage.

    Help Dialog

  • Added context menu to email notification preferences to select placeholders easily.

    Select Placeholders by Context Menu

  • Added possibility to use the scroll bars in the diff window independently of each other. The behavior can be changed via the new Synchronize Vertical Scrollbars context menu.

    Menu Synchronize Vertical Scrollbars.

  • Added possibility to select which version has to be selected as default during creation of new review cycles.

    Create New Review Cycle Dialog.

  • Extended review history to recognize file versions even if the file has been moved / renamed.
  • Added request for cycle change when changing to a referenced comment which is available in a previous review cycle only.
  • Changed version check to check the QuickRev version against the project version before the project will be loaded to allow the use to abort the operation.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.6.0

  • An id attribute is added to the checklists now, so that the rule ids have to be unique within one checklist only.

    Checklist ID.

  • For additional formatting of checklists style attributes will be read from the checklist xml-file.

    Checklist Style Attribute.

  • All text areas, like description field, text reference comment field and user defined TextArea fields can be formatted now (bold, italic, etc.) via the context menu.
    Even the email notifications and the corresponding templates can be formatted now.

    Formatting of TextAreas.

  • A project and/or export file can be attached now to the email notification without exporting or saving the project before. So the files to be attached will be created 'on demand'.

    Attach Project or Export File.

  • The search panel has been extended to start search from current cursor position, search for previous match as well, ignore case and mark all matches.

    Search Panel.

  • The selection of the current review phase has been moved from the status bar into a separate 'View' menu.
    Note: the selection of the review phase does not affect the information saved in the project file. The selected review phase manages whether an input field is enabled or disabled.
    The former '4 eyes review' - mode has changed in mode 'ALL' now. In this mode one user can create comments and/or conclusion panels for different users. With the new 'ALL' mode it is not necessary to change the user anymore.

    View Menu.

  • In the status bar the overall review phase is shown now. By clicking on the status bar the overall review phase dialog will be opened which shows the overall review phase with additional hints about what to to next to continue the review.

    Overall Review Phase Selection. Overall Review Phase Dialog.

  • Added possibility to assign the content of a default comment to an existing one directly in the comment dialog.

    Select Default Comment From Comment Dialog.

  • Added version check to inform if a project file was created by a newer QuickRev version than the used QuickRev version.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.5.0

  • The main feature of this release is the QuickRevBoard. The QuickRevBoard let's you generate a ToDo-list for all open reviews. For more information take a look at the QuickRevBoard page.

    QuickRevBoard - overview

  • File annotations (blame) of the author and version for every code line can be displayed now. Whether the annotations will be loaded and/or shown by default can be configured via the preferences dialog.

    Show / hide file annotations.

  • To get a faster overview about the selected versions some additional markers have been added to the file references page.

    Extended version info.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.4.3

  • During correction phase duplicated comments can be assigned to each other easily via the Duplic. button. The solution of the referenced comment will be taken over for the duplicated one.

    Select Duplicated CommentDuplicated Comment Assigned

  • To add different file references to an already existing comment the comment can be added to the Add To Comment menu item of the context menu, to be selected easily even if the comment is not selected in the comment dialog.

    Add To Comment MenuAdd To Comment Selection

  • Favourite rules can be selected now directly from the comment dialog.

    Select Favourite Rule

  • References from new comments to comments of the previous review phase during verification of the corrections can be selected easily now via the new Create Comment Reference dialog.

    Comment Reference Dialog

  • Checklists can be loaded now directly via the menu (and not by command line only).

    Load Checklist

  • Default solutions can be formatted now with different styles (italic, bold, etc.).

    Format Default Solution

  • A Reload button is added to reload the version history of a single file only.

    Reload Single File Version

  • Added limit of file versions to be loaded from the version control system to increase performance during file load.

    Limit Number Of File Version

  • A separate menu is added to change the reviewer in 4eyes mode.

    Change Reviewer In 4 Eyes Mode

  • Files can be loaded now even from ClaseCase snapshow views.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.4.2

  • A navigation bar has been added to jump between comments or changes in diff window.

    Navigation Bar

  • The version selection has been extended, so that the author and date is visible now.

    Extended Version Selection

  • Default Comments can be created now for common errors to be selected easy.

    Default Comment PreferencesDefault Comment Menu

  • The Files / Show/Hide menu has been extended to show/hide files by there current review state.

    Extended Files Show/Hide Menu

  • The Comments / Show/Hide menu has been extended to show/hide comments by their review cycle.

    Extended Comments Show/Hide Menu

  • A print margins can be displayed now in the diff window.

    Print Margin PreferencesPrint Margin

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.4.1

  • The whole project (including the content of the files to be reviewed) can be exported now to be reviewed without access to any version control system.

    Export Project

  • Added syntax highlighting for Python.

    Syntax Highlighting Python

  • The font size of the files to be reviewed can be changed now via preferences dialog.
  • Added explicit 'Close' / 'Cancel' buttons to some dialogs.
  • Added 'Copy' menu to context menu of diff window.
  • Added error messages if no values for placeholders in email notifications could be found.
  • Increased performance during loading of multiple project files.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.4.0

  • With this release QuickRev supports the direct usage of checklists.
    Most projects have their own coding standards which define naming conventions, restrict language usage and define rules and recommendations for the use of the language. With the integration of checklists these rules can be assigned to review comments to indicate violations of the rules.

    Checklist DialogComment dialog with assigned rule

  • Comments can be created with references to comments from the previous review cycle. So during verification of comments, comments which have not been worked in correctly can be referenced easier.

    Comment dialog with 'Create Comment Reference' buttonComment dialog with comment reference

  • Added menu item Adjust File Path ... to adjust the path of review files which have been moved / renamed during the review.

    Adjust file path dialog

  • Extended base project selection, so that if a verification version of a file is known via loaded base-project-files the base for the new review will be selected automatically.

  • Added possibility to additionally save the project if the 'Accept' or 'OK' button in the comment dialog was pressed.

    Save Project On Accept Or OK

  • Added buttons to easily add a predefined number of minutes to each TimeField.

    Select Minutes In TimeFields

  • Increased performance by avoiding reload of file content of files with same versions during creation of new review cycles and switching between different review cycles. Avoid comparing of files with identical versions.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.3.4

  • Comment tool tips and non-text file comments are shown as formatted text now (like already done in the comment dialog).

  • The tab width for the displayed code can now be configured individually.

  • To distinguish between different consecutive comments a separator is added between these comments now.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.3.3

  • With this new release you can send email notifications to the reviewers respectively initiator of the review. For doing this email templates can be defined, so nothing else has to be written by hand for sending review invitations and review feedback. Furthermore attachments can be assigned to the email.

  • The text for the comments and solutions can be formatted now (italic, bold, underline, code, strike through) via a context menu.

  • By switching to the 4-eyes - review mode all input fields will be enabled at once to allow easy assignment of the values from just one person, to document 'very quick' reviews.

  • Dates for date input fields can be selected easy now via the integrated date picker. Thanks to the date picker tool published at www.toedter.com/en/jcalendar.

  • Users, which could be configured via configuration files in the former QuickRev release only, can now be configured via the preferences dialog.

  • Colored markers at Project / File References tab do now indicate the state of every file by means of:
    • green - has comments from previous review cycle
    • red - has review comments in follow up review cycle
    • orange - file has changes compared to the version from the previous review cycle
    • blue - file has been added in a later review cycle

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.3.2

  • Sometimes comments assigned to a review file lead to changes in files, which are not part of the review yet.
    With this release you have the possibility to add new files even after the initial review cycle.

  • Added syntax highlighting for 'D', 'Ruby' and 'XML/HTML'.

  • If there are to many differences between files during delta review the amount of changes can be confusing. With the new menu item Show Diff you can hide the differences to see the context of the review file only, without the changes.

  • During correction phase comments which have been completed can be hidden automatically via the 'Accept' button in the comment dialog.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.3.1

  • QuickRev supports syntax highlighting now.

  • A context menu is added to hide the comments directly in comment dialog.

  • The order of files in files tab and comments in comment dialog can be changed now via drag and drop.

  • The comment tool tips in diff window can be disabled in preferences dialog.

  • ... and some more minor changes and fixes!

Version 1.3.0

  • The main feature of this new version is the support of the Complete Review Cycle.
    So what does this mean? With the Complete Review Cycle you can create new comments even in the former known verification phase. So a reviewer which is not satisfied with the realization of his/her review comments or the changes at all has more possibilities to report this. New comments do lead to the necessity to value this comments by the initiator again and, of course, the result of this (rejection of comments or new changes in the sources) requires a new verification step (follow-up).

    The following diagram shows the different steps of a review cycle, where one review can consist of many review cycles until no comments will be made anymore.

    Review Step
    After the first review cycle an additional combo box appears, which shows all available review cycles. The different review cycles are named:
    1. Review
    2. Verification ( = FollowUp(0))
    3. FollowUp(1)
    4. ...
    5. FollowUp(n)

    Review Cycle

    Follow-up comments shown in red.

    Note: Everything can be configured in a way which preserves all configured values of your former QuickRev configuration. An configuration file with the old configuration is included in the package of this release to be used directly or included into your configuration file if necessary.

  • If the content of a file could not be loaded or the file was not found the comments given in the project file will be shown in QuickRev and no file references will be lost. The error message can be viewed in a tool tip at the bottom of the program.

    As a side effect even without access to any version control system non-text files can be reviewed - but this is restricted to non-text files.

  • By assigning comments the severity can be selected directly via the context menu. All menus can be configured to use the selected text directly as comment. This is predefined for severity 'Spelling'.

  • Default solutions can be defined via the Preferences dialog to be selected in via the state selection field in the comment dialog. So standard solutions for e.g. accepted comments do not have to be written by hand anymore.

  • All file tabs can be closed directly via a context menu now.

  • Now it is possible to add file references to already existing comments even for 'non-text' files, which was possible already for all other files.

  • For a better overview colored markers have been added to all file tabs and menus to indicate the state of the file (Take a look at the little dots before the file names).
    The markers have to following meanings:
    • green = has comments from the previous review cycle
    • orange = has changes
    • red = has comments from the current review cycle
    • during the first review cycle only the green markers will be shown for comments made in this cycle, since the other information are not relevant in the first cycle

  • Via a context menu in the description field the log-messages (svn) respectively check-in comments (ClearCase) of the selected files can be inserted to be used as base for the description.

  • The scroll-bars for the horizontal scrolling inside the diff window are synchronized now to scroll both sides simultaneously. This behaviour can be disabled via the context menu.

  • The context menu in the diff-window is now available on both sides.

  • The right mouse click sets the cursor anew if nothing is selected in the diff-window before opening of the context menu. So by creating new comments the user do not need to click left to set the cursor before and right afterwards to open the context menu. This can be done in one step now.

  • The possibility to add comments by the initiator is removed with this version.

  • Different performance improvements have been made to make the work with QuickRev easier.

  • ... and some more minor changes and fixes!

Version 1.2.2

  • Loading of files will be done in separate threads now to avoid the 'freezing' effect of the program and increase speed of loading since the connection build up to a remote svn repository can take some time. Furthermore the progress will be displayed directly in QuickRev now instead of the console.

  • During saving of files via menu Project / Save As... the .xml file extension will be appended automatically and QuickRev will ask before overwriting files with the same name.

  • Saving via CTRL+S shortcut works even if the main dialog does not has the focus now.

  • ... and some more minor changes and bugfixes!

Version 1.2.1

  • Line numbers will be changed to links now, if not in review phase to jump directly to the corresponding lines.

  • A new menu Project / Reload File Versions exists, to force a reload of the version history. And during creation of verification phase an reload can be forced too.

  • The Comments / Show and Comments / Hide menus have been extended to show or hide comments by file references.

  • The Incomplete Input which appears automatically during saving can be suppressed now up the end of QuickRev.

  • In all file selection dialog^s multiple files can be selected at once now.

  • The reference field for non-text file comments in comment dialog can be resized now.

  • If a reviewer is assigned to a project the corresponding conclusion pane will be created automatically without adding comments first.

  • Selected text will be used as search text by default when opening the search field in the code window.

  • ... and many more minor changes and bugfixes!

Version 1.2.0

  • QuickRev now supports ClearCase to review files archived in ClearCase. QuickRev determines to which version control system a review file depends to and uses the corresponding commands. If a version control system is not needed, it can be disabled via the Preferences dialog or globally via config files.

  • A new menu exists to show or hide comments from the Comments dialog and the file tabs. Different categories are available to hide or show the comments.

  • The size of all text areas can be changed with the two new buttons at the right side.

  • Old project files can be loaded now as base for a new review via the menu Project / Load Base Project File .... In the previous version this was possible via command line argument -b/ase <base-project-file> only. The old base-, review- and verification versions will be shown colored during selection of the versions. (see version 1.1.1 below for an example of the colored version selection)

  • Delimited selection of different versions so, that the base version is always a lower version than the review version and the review version is lower or equal the verification version.

  • A separate menu Files / Show All Files to open all files in their file tabs exists now, and whether files have to be reloaded (if file reference selection is changed) will be displayed with a different color.

  • During verification phase the file names in the menu and file tabs will be shown in different colors depending on their state. (A tool tip explains what the color means)

  • Multiple rows are allowed in all columns of the non-text file table now to have a better overview.

  • The old config file format, which was used for the user preferences in .quickRev - file, is not supported anymore.

  • ... and many more minor changes and bugfixes!

Version 1.1.1

  • To provide a better overview of the comments assigned to 'non-text' files, a table has been added to the corresponding file tabs which shows the comments. A double click on a row opens the comment dialog with the selected comment.

  • Start quickRev with -base <old review files> to show base-, review- and verification-version of a former review with different colors. So it is easier to review files continuously without gaps in between.

  • Solution and State are now visible in the comment tool tip too. Furthermore the tool tip can be moved.

  • In the comment dialog only the fields which are needed during the selected phase will be shown and other fields will be disabled. Furthermore comments can be added only during Review phase, files selected during Creation phase, etc.

  • Users can be predefined via configuration to easily select the known users during adding of new reviewers, changing of the initiator or user.

  • The syntax for startup of QuickRev is has changed. So it is not necessary anymore to specify the -p/roject option to start with project files. QuickRev detects automatically, whether the given file is a project or a review file.

  • The search in the diff-windows is now possible on both sides (if it is a delta review or the diff between review- and verification version is shown).

  • The menu Files is sorted alphabetically now.

  • ... and many more minor changes and bugfixes!

Version 1.1.0

  • A verification phase is available now, which allows the verification of the worked in review comments. If verification phase is selected QuickRev shows the diff between the review and the verification version. The verification tab is completely configurable with user defined components. If you do not need the verification phase it can be disabled by configuration.

  • Now you can specify which persons have to review by inserting their names during initiation of the review.

  • A new field DateField for the input of the date is available which can be configured.

  • The Incomplete Input dialog can be shown directly by selecting the new menu Verify Input ...

  • The number of lines to review (in total and the non empty lines) will be written to xml-output for statistically reasons.

  • ... and many more minor changes and bugfixes!

Version 1.0.5

  • Bugfixes only

Version 1.0.4

  • Tab titles in comment dialog will be marked with different colors depending on whether the initiator or reviewer has completed its fields.

  • Required fields can be configured via configuration files and will be marked in the dialog if no valid value is assigned to this field.

  • Single review files can be hidden via menu Files/<file-name>/Hide.

  • QuickRev now asks the user whether to save changes while closing the program to avoid loose of data.

  • Fields with incomplete input can be found easily by just clicking the links in the Incomplete Inputs dialog.

  • Now you can easy jump from a comment to the corresponding page in the comment dialog and vice versa by just clicking the links in the tool tip respectively comment dialog.

  • Added search option to search for text in the review file

  • General comments can be generated directly via menu Comments/Add general comment ....

  • The output format of date can be configured now.

  • A description can be defined via configuration for all user defined input fields, which will be shown as tool tip of the corresponding component.

  • TimeField components can be added via config files.

  • Even the components provided by default can be configured now.

Version 1.0.3

  • Initial Version

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