What's New

This page gives a short overview of the new main features of every release. For bug-fixes etc. take a look at the release notes in README.
To see what has been new in former releases take a look at What Has Been New page.

Version 1.15.0  -- n e w --1.15.0 

  • Added Go To Line... menu item to context menu of code view.

    GoTo Line Menu

  • Change search field for search in code view to combo box to select former search strings.

    Search ComboBox

  • Excludes defined for QuickRevHistory will be taken into account now even for adding of loaded projects to history-DB automatically. So different paths can be excluded even if reviews will be performed in this directories.
  • Include paths can be defined for history-DB now, so if the history-DB is configured to add opened projects automatically to the history-DB this can be restricted to different paths. So it is e.g. possible to ignore reviews from other branches in the history-DB.

    History Include Paths

  • Extended option --changeset to be able to load the latest changesets automatically. Either use HEAD or no argument at all to load the latest changesets.
  • Changed selection of review phase when changing the review cycles or reopening a project. Instead of Finished for reviewers Review will be selected to allow further changes without changing the review phase via the menu. When switching back to a former review cycle as initiator Correction instead of Finished will be selected.
  • Added possibility to assign multiple reviewers at once to a project and allow selection of favourite users to be placed at the top of the list for easier selection.

    User Selection Dialog

  • Added possibility to add comments via the context menu of the links shown during comparing different diagram versions in the compare diagram tool window and via the links shown in the find tool window when searching in diagrams.
    Added possibility to remove diff items and search result items in diagram view when comparing diagrams or searching in diagrams via the new context menus Remove Diff Item and Remove Search Result.

    Add Comments in Diagram Compare and Find

  • Extended diagram view by showing not only the description of an element in the info message pane but the complete text (e.g. if it is an UML-note) as well.

    UML Mouse Over Information

  • Enhanced output of diagram compare functionality to see differences easier, additionally the diff will be shown in the info message pane.

    UML Diff Output

  • Enhanced find function for diagrams which now shows the reference and text of the selected UML element in the info message pane.

    UML Find Output

  • Added possibility to use QuickRev --history --tasks option without arguments to print the tasks for all users. (Alternatively ALL can be used as already possible before.)
  • Added check that all modified comments are accepted before executing a tool via the Tools menu to avoid loose of these changes.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.14.2

  • QuickRevBoard option --replace-svnsync-path can now be used for ClearCase as well and therefore has been renamed to --replace-vcs-path.
  • QuickRevBoard option --replace-path can be given more than once now to use different replacements.
  • QuickRevHistory loads configuration files given via option --config now as well.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.14.1

  • Added possibility to configure the front end of the QuickRevBoard in web browser.

    QuickRevBoard - Configuration

  • Added creation of projects containing all files where the latest versions are not reviewed to QuickRevBoard.

    No-Latest Downloads

  • Changed evaluation of --exclude and --include from generation of QuickRevBoard and history to exclude the given start directory from search. So the start directory itself cannot be excluded.
  • Removed JavaBeans Activation Framework which is part of the JRE already.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.14.0

  • The QuickRevBoard has been redesigned and extended by showing not even a task list for all open reviews but also the review history of all files.
    Use java -jar QuickRev.jar --board --help for all options available to generate the QuickRevBoard.
    (The old (deprecated) QuickRevBoard can be generated via the --board-old option.)

    QuickRevBoard - Review History (directory)

    QuickRevBoard - Task List

  • Changed evaluation of subversion history to detect versions where the file has been moved only as 'unchanged'.
  • Added --tasks option to QuickRev --history to print all open tasks for the given users.
  • Added icon to Task List dialog and for creation of new review cycle.
  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.13.0

  • Added possibility to insert links to other comments into the Comment and Solution field of the Comment dialog. The referenced comment has to be selected via the context menu of the Comment or Solution field.

    Insert Comment Link

  • Added Comment Overview dialog which shows all comments in a table regardless of the selected review cycle. The dialog can be accessed via the menu Comments / Show Comments Overview ....

    Comment Overview Menu

    Comment Overview Dialog

  • Extended Add Files From Changesets dialog (SVN only) by adding possibility to load a concrete changeset or to load a range of changesets.
    urthermore a changeset can be loaded during startup of QuickRev via the new option --changeset | -cs with a given revision number (e.g. -cs 123) or with a range of revision numbers (e.g. -cs 123:125 or -cs 123:HEAD).

    Specific Specific Changeset Ranges

  • Added an indicator whether the content of a file has changed for a file version. This information is available for subversion only starting with version 1.7. The information have been added to the file versions at the File References tab and to the file versions of the Review History dialog. Unchanged file versions will implicitly regarded as covered by a review (because there is nothing to review) for review history. Furthermore unchanged file versions will be shown in the Add Files From Changeset dialog and can be used as filter rule to show or hide all unchanged file versions from a changeset.

    Property Changed Only

  • Added sub-menu Select Comment ... to Add To Comment menu item in context menu to be able to select a comment where a new file reference has to be added to.

    Add To Comment - Select Comment

  • Added possibility to search in UML diagrams.

    Search In Diagrams

  • Made VCS user name VCS specific instead of defining one for all VCSs.

    User Name VCS Specific

  • Increased performance for displaying comment tables.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.12.0

  • Changed file based history database to a 'real' database, which can be configured either on the command line (java -jar QuickRev.jar --history --help) or via the menu Project / Review History / Configure History .... The history-DB stores references to the locally stored review projects to be able to show the review history of a file and select the last reviewed version as base for a review automatically. If the history-DB is configured correctly new reviews will be updated within the history-DB during start-up of QuickRev automatically as background task.

    Review History Dialog - Main Options

    Review History Dialog - Directories View

    Review History Dialog - Database Configuration

  • A Task List is available, which shows all open reviews for the current user. The task list is based on the history database and can be shown via menu Extras / Task List ...'.

    Task List Menu

    Task List Dialog

  • Added Compare Diagrams option to Tools panel in diagram view, which compares the models of the base and review version of a diagram and lists all found changes with the possibility to select these changes in the different diagram views.

    Diagrams Comparator

    Note: To show files in a custom form like diagrams QuickRev provides a plug-in mechanism to add own file viewers. A default implementation of a file viewer which displays UML state machine diagrams is included in the release and can be extended to show other UML elements as well.

    To check the new feature use the UMLExamplePlugin.jar, which reads a QuickRev-UML format and shows this as diagram. Example UML files are included in the provided UMLExampleProject.qrx (see QuickRev's help menu for more information). Start QuickRev with the options --plugin UMLExamplePlugin.jar and load the provided uml example project file (UMLExampleProject.qrx).

  • Extended Sort Files dialog by allowing to sort the files alphabetically in ascending or descending order or to sort the files by file extensions to e.g. show hpp's before cpp's in c++. Furthermore drag and drop support is added to sort the files with help of the mouse easily. The settings in the Sort Files dialog can be applied automatically to files which are added to a review.

    Sort Files - File References Menu

    Sort Files Dialog

  • Added menu Files / Sort ... to sort the files which are visible at the Files tab individually with the same options as sorting of files at the File References tab. The same dialog can be launched via the Define Sort Order ... menu from the Files tab context menu.

    Sort Files - Files Menu

    Sort Files - Files Tab Menu

  • Added [TAB] button to code view to show / hide white spaces and tabs. Whether white spaces have to be shown by default can be configured via the Preferences dialog.

    Show White Spaces

  • Added possibility to define default exclude patterns in config files when searching for open projects via the Find Open Projects ... menu and for configuration of the history-DB.

  • Saved email address of initiator and reviewers to project files, so the reviewer can send back emails without configuring the email addresses of the users. Furthermore reviewers with a different user name than the configured one can be identified as the same person without asking whether the reviewer is one of the assigned once with a different name.

  • Changed behaviour when reading configuration files which define components with the same name for Information and Conclusion tabs by replacing the already defined components instead of ignoring the new defined once. Furthermore the boolean attribute remove="true" can be defined to remove a former loaded component.

  • ... and some more fixes!

Version 1.11.0

  • Added Path Mapping for ClearCase controlled files to review files which are located in directories mounted to different locations (drives).

    Path Mapping for ClearCase For ClearCase path mapping can be enabled, which is useful, if the ClearCase VOBs of different users are mapped to different locations (drives). So even if one user used Windows and another one used linux reviews between the different operating systems can be performed. After enabling the Path Mapping functionality the local path has to be defined in the Local Path field. In the External field(s) all the pathes used by other reviewers have to be defined. To add a new external path use the Add External Path button. When saving your project files you can decide, which path will be stored in the project file. Select the local path to always store your local path in the review sheet, select an external path to use this path or select Preserve Path, which stores the path which has been in the project file when opening it (during creation it will be the local path).

  • Added possibility to hide individual file references of a comment and not the whole comment always.

    Hide Individual File References In Comments Dialog Configure Auto Hide Functionality
    Select which file references to hide via the check-boxes assigned to the different line numbers. Configure when a comment has to be hidden.

    Hide File References via the Comment Tool Tip
    Hide the selected reference only (Ref-Hide), hide all references to this file (File-Hide) or hide the complete comment (Comm-Hide) easily via the comment tool tips.

  • Added drop down menu to session timer to start, stop, reset and modify the session time.

    Session Timer Menu

  • Extended files and comments filters by adding negotiated filters to string matching filters.
  • Filter with Negotiated Values

  • Renamed review cycles from Review / Verification / FollowUp(1) / ... to Initial / Verification / FollowUp(1) / ..., to avoid confusions with the review phase Review.

  • Removed Save Preferences button from Preferences dialog, the preferences will be saved automatically now when clicking the OK button now

  • Added more situations for automatically (re-)starting the session timer, e.g. when hiding comment references.

  • Added icon (Configuration Icon) to configuration menus.

  • ... and some more fixes!

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