20.6. Element: QuickRev / DataLinks

The DataLinks element contains references to elements of a file to be reviewed. This can be e.g. the id of an UML-element which is referenced by a comment.

Name Values Description
Element DataLinks DataLink+ Contains the data link information.
Element DataLink string Contains a reference to an element in a file. This can be e.g. the id of an UML-element of a file.
Since the references will be created by the plugins used with QuickRev they can be in any user defined format. Therefore it is not simply an attribute of an element, but the content of this element to use any string in any format.
The id attribute of this element will be referenced by a comment instead to avoid to much clutter and duplicated data-links in the project files.
Attributes id string A unique identifier of the data-link to be referenced by the comments.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev version="1.8.0">

    <DataLink id="d0">id:node:state1.creation</DataLink>
    <DataLink id="d1">id:node:note1</DataLink>


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