20.5. Element: QuickRev / FollowUp

For every new review cycle one FollowUp element is created which contains the comments, conclusions and new or changed file references of this review cycle.

Name Values Description
Element FollowUp Files?, Conclusion, Comments? Contains the information of the follow-up review cycle.
Element Files File+ Contains one File element for every file, where changes have been made or which is added or removed from this review cycle.
Files without changes are not contained in this block.
Files which have been added anew have the same syntax like explained in chapter Files.
If no file was changed, added or removed this element is omitted.
Element File see Files Represents one file which has been changed, added or removed in this review cycle.
If the file has been added the same syntax as described in chapter Files applies.
If the file has been changed or removed, the file is references by attribute file-ref.
If the file has been changed one sub-element Revision indicates the new version used for this review cycle. The Revision element has the same sytax like described in chapter Files.
If the file is removed from the review the attribute deleted with value true shows this.
Attributes file-ref string References a changed or deleted file. The referenced attribute is the attribute id of element File.
deleted true|false If set to true the file is marked as deleted in the current review cycle
Element Conclusion see Conclusion The conclusion of the current review cycle.
The syntax is the same as described in chapter Conclusion.
Element Comments see Comments The comments of the current review cycle.
The syntax is the same as described in chapter Comments.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev version="1.8.0">

        <!-- files with changed version for this follow-up review cycle -->
        <File file-ref="f0">
        <File file-ref="f1">
        <!-- a file which has been added to the new review cycle -->
        <File type="svn" contentType="text" id="f4">
            <NumberOfLines total="234" nonEmpty="244"/>
        <!-- a removed file -->
        <File deleted="true" file-ref="f4"/>
      <!-- same format as described in chapter Conclusion -->
      <!-- same format as described in chapter Comments -->


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