20.4. Element: QuickRev / Comments

The Comments element contains one Comment element for every comment made by the reviewer(s).

Name Values Description
Element Comments Comment+ Root element for the comments.
Element Comment Author, Nr, Text, Severity, State?, Solution?, Reference*, Rule*, Duplicate? Represents one comment.
Attributes id string A unique id of the comment to be referenced by other comments in following review cycles.
Element Author string Name of the reviewer which has created the comment.
Element Nr string Number of comment which is counted separate for every reviewer. Starting from the first follow-up review cycle this number is preceded by the index of the follow-up review cycle (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, etc. for first follow-up review cycle).
Element Text string The comment text made by the reviewer.
Element Severity string Selected severity.
Element State string Selected state.
Element Solution string The solution given by the initiator to solve the comment or a reason why the comment has been rejected.
Element Reference string References the file or comment the comment corresponds to.
If this element is omitted the comment is a general comment regarding the whole review.
Whether a file or a comment is referenced depends on the attributes file-ref respectively comment-ref, where the former references a file and the latter a comment.
Because one comment can be assigned to multiple files, this element can occur more than once.
If a file is referenced and the file's contentType is non-text (a file which cannot be displayed in QuickRev, so e.g. no line numbers can be referenced) the content of this Reference element describes the part of the file the comment is assigned to.
Attributes file-ref string References a file. The referenced attribute is the id attribute of element File.
This attribute is optional.
lines string If a file is referenced this attributes indicates the lines the comment depends to.
The line numbers are given as comma separated list, where a block is indicated by a minus sign, e.g. 1, 14-26, 37.
This attribute is optional.
data-link-ref string If a file is referenced this attribute references the id of a specific element in this file.
The referenced id is the content of the DataLink element with the corresponding attribute id.
This can be e.g. an element of an UML diagram.
This attribute is optional.
[See] DataLinks
comment-ref string References a comment from the previous review cycle. This attribute is used for comments in FollowUp review cycles only.
The referenced attribute is the id attribute of element Comment.
This attribute is optional.
Element Rule string References a rule from a checklist which has been violated.
Since more rules might be violated this element can occur more than once.
Attributes checklist-ref string References the checklist the rule depends to. The referenced attribute is the id attribute of element Checklist from the checklist file.
rule-ref string References a rule of a checklist. The referenced attribute is the id attribute of element Rule from the corresponding checklist file.
title string The title of the referenced rule. This attribute is useful to display the title even if the referenced checklist is not available.
Element Duplicate string Marks the comment as duplicated to another comment, which is referenced by the comment-ref attribute.
If the comment is marked as duplicated no State and Solution elements will be assigned to the Comment element, because the values are the same as of the referenced (duplicated) comment.
Attributes comment-ref string References the comment this comment is duplicated to. The referenced attribute is the id attribute of element Comment.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev version="1.8.0">

        <Comment id="c0">
            <Text>Example Comment</Text>
            <Reference file-ref="f1" lines="26-27"/>
        <Comment id="c1">
            <Text>Correct the spelling error</Text>
            <Reference file-ref="f2">Chapter 3</Reference>
            <Reference comment-ref="c3"/>
            <Rule checklist-ref="ChklExam" rule-ref="/3/" title="Use const whenever possible."/>
        <Comment id="c3">
            <Text>Correct spelling</Text>
            <Reference file-ref="f2">Chapter 3</Reference>
            <Duplicate comment-ref="c0"/>
        <Comment id="c4">
          <Text>Correct the name</Text>
          <Reference data-link-ref="d0" file-ref="f3">state <i>[QuickRev's Review Cycle/] Creatino</i></Reference>


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