20.2. Element: QuickRev / Files

The Files element contains all files to be reviewed.

Name Values Description
Element Files File+ Contains all information about the files to be reviewed.
Element File UniqueShortName, URL, Revision, Delta-Revision?, NumberOfLines? Represents one file to be reviewed.
Attributes type svn | ClearCase The type of the file specifying the version control system.
contentType string The content-type of the file which is either text for source code, non-text for files which cannot be displayed in QuickRev or another string specified by a corresponding plug-in.
id string A unique identifier of the file to be referenced by the comments or files in follow-up review cycles.
Element UniqueShortName string Normally this is the filename itself. If there are two files with the same name the UniqueShortName contains the containing directory as well. If the directories have the same name than the parent directory of the directory containing the files etc.. The element is only needed to display the filename in a readable form in the stylesheet or from anywhere else without the base path.
Element URL string The url/path of the file.
Element Revision string The version to be reviewed.
Element Delta-Revision string The base version, if it is a delta review. If it is not, the element is not contained in the file.
Element NumberOfLines string Contains the number of lines in the file. If the file is not a text file this element is omitted. During creation of a new project it is not necessary to load the file content, so the lines cannot be counted and the element is not yet written to the project file. With every new load of the project file, the file content of the review files will be loaded automatically, and after saving the project again the element saved too. The sum of NumberOfLines from all files will be stored in element Metrics .
Attributes total number The total number of lines.
nonEmpty number The number of non-empty lines.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev version="1.8.0">

        <File type="svn" contentType="text" id="f0">
            <NumberOfLines total="1215" nonEmpty="1049"/>
        <File type="svn" contentType="text" id="f1">
            <NumberOfLines total="240" nonEmpty="202"/>
        <File type="svn" contentType="non-text" id="f2">


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