Chapter 20. XML Output Format

QuickRev saves the project files as xml. To view the project files in a browser a stylesheet can be assigned to the generated project files via configuration or preferences menu. This page describes the output format as used in the project files.

Name Values Description
Element xml-stylesheet EMPTY A stylesheet can be associated with the project file via config files or the preferences dialog. If no stylesheet is configured this reference will be omitted.
Element QuickRev Info, Files?, Conclusion?, Comments?, FollowUp*, DataLinks?, Metrics The root element.
Attributes version string The QuickRev version the project file was created with.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="./stylesheet_example.xsl"?>

<QuickRev version="1.8.0">

20.1. Element: QuickRev / Info

The Info element contains all information from the Information tab. Furthermore it contains all user defined components for this tab.

Name Values Description
Element Info Initiator, Description, Phase, Reviewer*, user defined components* Contains all information from the Information tab.
Element Initiator string The name of the initiator.
Attributes email string The email address of the initiator.
Element Description string The description of the review.
(This field can be changed by Changing the Default Configuration)
Element Phase string The current review phase.
Possible values are:
  1. Creation will be stored as phase as long as:

    • Not all required fields on the Information tab have been completed.
    • Not all required fields on the Conclusion / Initiator tab have been completed.

  2. Review will be stored as phase as long as:

    • No reviewer has started the review.
    • Not all specified reviewers have started the review.
    • Not all fields on the Conclusion / Reviewer [<name>] tab(s) have been completed.
    • Not all comment fields to be completed by the reviewer (Severity and Text) have been completed.

  3. Correction will be stored as phase as long as:

    • Not all comment fields to be completed by the initiator (State and Solution) have been completed.
    • If QuickRev is configured to use more than one review cycle and comments have been made during the last review cycle.
      (I.e. the review has to finish with a cycle where all reviewers have filled out there conclusions, but no comments have been assigned anymore otherwise a new cycle has to be started.)

  4. Finished: The final phase after all conditions of the other phases have been fulfilled.

Element Reviewer string For every reviewer one Reviewer element will be stored in the project file containing their name.
Attributes phase Review|Finished If the review phase defined with element Phase is Review an optional phase attribute will be assigned to every reviewer, which defines whether the reviewer has finished the review or is still performing the review.
email string The email address of the reviewer.
Element user defined components string If additional components are configured, for every component an element with the name of the component name will be stored here. If the required attribute of the component is set to true and no value was given for this element, an empty xml tag (e.g. <MyComponent/>) will be written. Otherwise the tag contains the selected respectively initial value of the component. If no initial value is available an empty xml tag will be written as well.
[See] Configuration of own components
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev version="1.8.0">

        <Initiator email="">tomse</Initiator>
        <Description>Review of the important components</Description>
        <Reviewer email="" "phase="Review">karla</Reviewer>
        <Reviewer email="" phase="Finished">wuff</Reviewer>

        <!-- ... plus user defined components ... -->



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