18.6. Element: QuickRev / Preferences / SortFiles

To configure the SortFiles preferences easily use the Sort Files dialog (Sort FilesDefine Sort Order ... at the File References tab) and copy the xml-structure out of the user-configuration file .quickRev/config/main from your home directory.

Name Use Values Changeable via the QuickRev menu Description
Element SortFiles optional EMPTY yes Container to configure the sort files preferences.
Attributes sortMethod optional path_ascending | path_descending | extension | path_and_extension | extension_and_path yes Defines the default sort order to be applied. Possible values are:
  • path_ascending - sort by path in ascending order
  • path_descending - sort by path in descending order
  • extension - sort by file extension
  • path_and_extension - sorts the files alphabetically by their path first and by file extension afterwards. Resulting in e.g. FileA.1 FileA.2 FileB.1 FileB.2.
  • extension_and_path - sorts the files alphabetically by their file extension first and by path afterwards. Resulting in e.g. FileA.1 FileB.1 FileA.2 FileB.2.
extensionOrder optional string yes A semicolon or comma separated list of file extensions in the order they have to be applied during sorting the files. If the extension of a file is not part of this list they will be sorted alphabetically behind the listed extensions.
Example: hpp, ipp, cpp
autoSort optional true|false yes Set to true to sort files automatically when adding them to the project.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev configName="name">

      extensionOrder="hpp, ipp, cpp"

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