18.3. Element: QuickRev / Preferences / EmailNotification

To configure email templates easily use the Preferences dialog (ProjectPreferences ...Email Notification), configure your templates and copy the xml-structure out of the user-configuration file .quickRev/config/main from your home directory. The dialog lets you select placeholders for the template easily by using the context menu (right mouse click).
[See] Changing the email notification templates via the Preferences dialog.

Name Use Values Changeable via the QuickRev menu Description
Element EmailNotification optional InitiatorSubject?, ReviewerSubject?, InitiatorContent?, ReviewerContent? (any order) Defines the default templates for sending email notifications.
Attributes sendAsHTML optional true|false yes Set to true if the default content-type for sending emails is html.
sendCopyToSender optional true|false yes Set to true if emails have to be send CC to the sender.
Element InitiatorSubject optional text yes Defines the default template of the subject / content in case the initiator / reviewer sends the email.
For the subject and content elements placeholders can be used, which will be replaced with the actual values. To see a list of placeholders select the Show List Of Placeholders link at the Email Notification tab (menu ProjectPreferences ...Email Notification).
Element ReviewerSubject optional text yes
Element InitiatorContent optional text yes
Element ReviewerContent optional text yes
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev configName="name">

    <EmailNotification sendAsHTML="false" sendCopyToSender="true">
      <InitiatorSubject>  -- subject if initiator sends an email --  </InitiatorSubject>
      <InitiatorContent>  -- content if initiator sends an email --  </InitiatorContent>
      <ReviewerSubject>   -- subject if reviewer sends an email  --  </ReviewerSubject>
      <ReviewerContent>   -- content if reviewer sends an email  --  </ReviewerContent>


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