Chapter 18. Configuration

QuickRev can be configured in different ways via configuration files.
Most options can be configured via the Preferences dialog as well, but there are general configuration items which have to be defined via configuration files. These configuration items allow to add different input fields (like text areas, check boxes, etc.) to the Information and Conclusion panes, which can differ between the initial review cycle and following once. A stylesheet can be specified which will be written to the project files to transform them into readable html-pages when opening them in the browser. Furthermore the values for the Severity and State can be changed and the used date format can be configured as well.
Other configuration items like email client settings and general tool definitions can be done individually by every QuickRev user, but it may useful to provide a default configuration for the email client settings or define default tools to be available for all users without additional configuration.
Configuration files can be loaded either via command line options or packaged into the QuickRev.jar file to be available for all users without additional command options.

Loading configuration files via command line options is done as follows:
java -jar QuickRev.jar --config <config-file-name(s)> The config file can be given as local file or a remote one (http://).
[See] Command Line Options for syntax.

A built in configuration file has to be named config.xml and has to be copied into the QuickRev.jar:/resources/ directory.
[See] Add Built-In Config File to QuickRev.jar for a detailed description.

Even the default input fields can be changed.
[See]See Changing the Default Configuration.

18.1. Element: QuickRev

Name Use Values Changeable via the QuickRev menu Description
Element QuickRev required Preferences?, Users?, VCS?, ClearCase?, SVN?, Configuration? (any order) The root element of a QuickRev configuration file.
Attributes configName optional string no The name of the configuration file. The name will be shown on the left side of the status bar. "default" is a reserved name which should not be used.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<QuickRev configName="name">


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