15.5.  Extras

15.5.1.  Task List ...

(ExtrasTask List ...)

This menu opens the Task List dialog which shows all open review projects of the current user. The dialog shows projects where the user is in the role of Initiator as well as in the role of the Reviewer. A filter allows to sort and filter the projects.
To use the Task List functionality the history database has to be configured accordingly.
[See]See Configure History ... for more information about the configuration of the history database.

15.5.2.  Send Email Notification ...

(ExtrasSend Email Notification ...)

This menu opens the Send Email Notification dialog to send status notifications to the reviewers and initiator.
[See] Send Email Notification

15.5.3.  Checklists


This menu allows to load checklists and to select already loaded once.
[See] Checklists

15.5.4.  Plugins ...

(ExtrasPlugins ...)

This menu item opens the Plugins dialog which shows the loaded plug-ins and let you change the file extensions for the files associated with the plug-ins and other plug-in specific options.

15.5.5.  Syntax Highlighting

(ExtrasSyntax Highlighting)

Via this menu item you can select a different syntax highlighting or disable the syntax highlighting for the selected file. This menu item is enabled only if a file with contentType text is currently open. Normally the used syntax highlighting will be selected via the file extension of the selected file. To change the file extensions or the color and text style of a syntax highlighting use the Syntax Highlighting tab from the Preferences dialog.

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