15.2.  Files

15.2.1.  Load Files

(FilesLoad Files)

Whenever the file references on the File References tab are changed the content of the corresponding files have to be reloaded. Whenever this is necessary the Load Files menu is colored red to indicate this. If QuickRev is started in diff mode (--diff) this menu can be used always to reload the compared files and the local working copies.
All file menu items and file tab titles will show their state in a different color. Use the tool tips (mouse over) to display the different meanings of the colors.
[See]See also View selected files

15.2.2.  Show


Via the sub menu items of the Show menu you can show files by individual topics. The number of files which will be shown is added in brackets behind every menu item, files which are shown already are not taken into account.
Make use of the tool tips (mouse over) to get a more detailed description of every sub-menu item.

15.2.3.  Hide


Hides file by different topics. This is the opposite menu item to the Show menu, so please refer to the Show menu item for more information.

15.2.4.  Filter ...

(FilesFilter ...)

Opens the Files Filter dialog, which lets you define different filters to show files. All files which do match a defined filter will be shown.
[See]See Filter Dialog for more information about how to define a filter. (The properties of the shown filter dialog differ from this filter, but the principle is the same.)

15.2.5.  Sort ...

(FilesSort ...)

Opens the Sort Files dialog, which lets you sort the files currently visible at the Files tab. The same dialog can be launched via the Define Sort Order ... menu from the Files tab context menu.
To sort the files at the File References tab the same dialog is used which has to be opened via the menu Sort FilesDefine Sort Order ....
Default values to sort the files when added to the project can be configured via configuration files.

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