Chapter 12. Adjust Path Of Moved / Renamed Files

If a file was renamed or moved during the review, QuickRev acts as follows depending on the used version control system.

If you are working with subversion QuickRev detects, that the path of the affected review file cannot be found in the HEAD revision of your svn-repository, and therefore takes the newest known revision number as peg-revision to retrieve the log-information from subversion. So the logging is available up to this newest known version only.

If you are working with ClearCase no history information can be fetched from ClearCase at all, so QuickRev will show all known versions in the version selection fields. Since QuickRev does not know where the file is located now it cannot open the file and so no file content can be shown in the diff-windows and QuickRev will show you just the comments assigned to this file.

A Moved button is assigned to every file on the File References tab where you can select the new file path.

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