Chapter 8. Change Review Phase and Cycle

Normally QuickRev selects the relevant review cycle and phase automatically, so you do not have the change the review phase by hand. But there are certain situations where the change of review cycle or phase is necessary.
Depending on the selected review phase different input fields are enabled or disabled. E.g. if you are in the phase Review you cannot change the files which depend to the review, or if you are in phase Correction you cannot change the part of the comments written by the reviewers.
The selected review phase and cycle has no influence on the project file which will be saved. It is used to avoid input errors.

Figure 8.1. Change Review Phase and Cycle

Change Review Phase and Cycle

  1. Review Phase
    Depending on the selected review phase different components are visible within QuickRev and fields can be changed or not.
    The following table shows an excerpt about what is possible in a review phase and what not.

    Creation Review Correction Finished
    Add / Remove File References yes no no no
    Change File Versions yes no no no
    Add Comments no yes, if you are a reviewer no no
    Modify Comments no yes, (Severity and Comment) yes, (State and Solution) no
    Delete Comments no yes no no

  2. ALL (4 Eyes Review)
    In ALL mode all input fields are enabled to document fast reviews by just one person. See ALL Mode (4 Eyes Review) for more information.

  3. Review Cycle
    By changing the review cycle you can see the content and versions of the files relevant for this review cycle and the comments made against these versions.
    The list of the available review cycles will be extended with every new review cycle.
    Normally the relevant review cycle is the last review cycle, but if you want to see the changes made in a previous review cycle you can step back by selecting another review cycle. In the comment dialog you can see the comments of the previous and the current review cycle only. If you want to see review comments from former review cycles you can go back. The same for the conclusion tabs, only the conclusions of the current review cycle are visible, to see the older ones you have to go back again. Normally nobody should make changes on former review comments, but e.g. to correct simple spelling errors in the comments itself it might be necessary. Since comments can be changed only in the review cycle they have been made you have to select the review cycle of the comment to change it.

  4. Phase (Status Bar)
    The Phase shown on the left side of the status bar shows the overall review state of the current review. This phase cannot be changed via the View menu. It depends on the values given for the comments, information and conclusion fields. This is the phase which will be stored in the project file. To view some more information about the review state and to know what to do next click on the Phase in the status bar or use the HelpReview State ... menu item, which will bring up the following dialog.

    Figure 8.2. Review State Dialog

    Review State Dialog

  5. View (Status Bar)
    The review phase and cycle selected via the View menu is shown here.

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