Chapter 1. Quick Start

If you are using QuickRev for the first time and want to 'play around' with the provided functions you may wonder why different menus are not available or disabled. Whether a menu is available and enabled depends on the current review phase and role.

To circumvent these restrictions and get a first impression of QuickRev select menu ViewALL (4 Eyes Review) . This changes QuickRev to a mode, where all input fields can be changed freely by one person.

By default QuickRev uses svn as subversion command and cleartool for ClearCase. If these commands do not fit to your environment you have to tell QuickRev, where your svn respectively ClearCase client-program is located. Use menu ProjectPreferencesVersion Control System to set the path.

The configured svn-client has to be a 'real' command line client (one that you can use on your console). TortoiseSVN's TortoiseProc.exe is not a command line client, it is a graphically interface for subversion which cannot be used with QuickRev.

QuickRev does not request a username or password to access the SVN repository. So free access to subversion should be granted. I.e. when using subversion from command line subversion requests your username and password and will sore it in your subversion configuration file.
Alternatively you could add your username and password via the options --username <username> --password <password> to your subversion command arguments in the preferences dialog. By doing this QuickRev stores the command and the options in a readable form in the .quickRev/config/main file in your home directory. So you have to take care by yourself to protect your password.

Chapter Change Review Phase and Cycle gives an overview about which functions are available in which phase and role and how to change the phase.
To change the role take a look at chapters Change User Name and Change Initiator.
See Version Control Systems for further information about how to set the version control system preferences.

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